RUMOR: Apple prepping inexpensive cloud-based Apple TV for war with Google

Run Windows on Mac OS X with no reboot!Apple’s rumored Apple TV 4, a $99, Apple A4-powered, iPhone OS device focused on streaming from the Internet and/or from other computers in your home rather than local storage has TechCrunch’s MG Siegler intrigued.

Siegler writes, “The reason the Apple TV has failed to catch on: not enough content at a good price.”

“The reason there’s not enough content is likely because Hollywood is giving Apple much more push-back than the music industry did. For example, they won’t yet agree to Apple’s idea of subscription-based iTunes TV show packages,” Siegler explains. “But apps could change all of that. Apps are content, and they would immediately vault the Apple TV into must-own status. Imagine playing all those thousands of cheap games on your TV. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony must be shitting themselves.”

“And if something like the Netflix app or the ABC app for the iPad worked on the Apple TV, the bitching about a lack of content would simmer down quickly,” Siegler explains. “Of course, there’s the issue of how you would control those apps — since you’re not about to walk up and touch your giant screen TV anytime soon. But there’s an easy solution for that: make iPhone, iPod touches, and iPads the controllers for the apps on the TV. They already have a Remote app you can use on your iPhone to control the Apple TV.”

Full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Robert S.” for the heads up.]


  1. “Full article – recommended” except for the fact that they say the ‘Apple TV hasn’t caught on,’ and they forgot to add ‘as much as it could have’.

    Here’s hope Apple finally moves Apple TV out of hobby status.

  2. Right now, paying far too much for Comcast, hardly anything we want to watch, search on TV sucks, love the DVR but just want a sensible easy Apple solution — waiting!

  3. Well….since I own an Apple TV and have the ATVFlash software for it (making it much more usable) I really have to wonder what the future holds for the older device…

    Will we be able to download a new OS for it that will enable the new functionality.

  4. A pimped out AppleTV still doesn’t cut it– Boxee is too geeky– don’t use it– ATVFlash is buggy– often freezes my AppleTV and even disabled the startup intro sound– all this just to plug in an external HD and play avi files?
    I think Steve will get it right with ATV 2.0. In the meantime, I’ll rip my own files using HandBrake without any mods.
    Otherwise, I understand Asus makes a nice product that plays anything.

  5. Apple presented the  TV as a hobby! That’s code-speak for hackable, for those of you who are still waiting for the punchline of a joke that is  TV.

    I installed Broadcom’s Crystal HD chip in my  TV along with aTVFlash and I am swimming in content. That includes the ability to watch 1080p movies that are streamed from my Mac. aTVFlash also provides options for external hard drives, keyboards and mice.

    My  TV does the kinds of things Steve Jobs envisioned for the product and even if Apple were to gain concessions from the content providers, I still wouldn’t give up what I have right now.

    All I can see in this $99 product is a compromise of the existing  TV.

  6. @HotinPlaya… I’m guessing you’re a casual gamer and not into any of the more “controller intensive” games such as Call of Duty, etc. I use up to 6 fingers and 2 thumbs to control on my PS3 at any given time. For the life of me, I can’t imagine a FPS game that would be worth playing with an iPod Touch or iPhone as the controller. Steve would never allow this terrible user experience to come to market.

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