Citrix: 84% of businesses surveyed will support Apple iPad as business tool

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“This is the most striking statistic that has come out of a current survey that Citrix is conducting. The 494 respondents so far have indicated a high adoption rate and anticipation of the iPad as a business tool,” Chris Fleck reports via The Citrix Blog. “To be clear this is not cross section of all businesses, rather it is mostly comprised of Citrix customers and those that have come to our website and have interest enough in the iPad to take a short survey.”

“The high level of support for personal iPads seems to reinforce the notion that the iPad will be the door opener for BYOC at many companies,” Fleck reports. “The fact that IT can safely provide access to company apps, data and virtual desktops without managing the device will make the iPad a game changer for business beyond just the form factor and features. This device will provide the leading example of how IT can keep control of the data, apps and compliance yet enable their users to maximize their choice and productivity from anywhere.”

Fleck reports, “Perhaps another reason for the IT support is the fact that so many IT pros plan to use the iPad to be more productive themselves. (This is based on another Citrix survey showing that iPad use by Mobile IT pros as one of the top business uses of the iPad.)”

Some of the other finding from the survey so far include:
• 80% will purchase and use the iPad for business
• 84% of organizations will support personal iPads; 50% expect their organization to purchase for them
• Primary app to be used on the iPad are productivity apps with 87% response rate
• 90% of respondents will use ipad for business email, closely followed by the ability to view, edit and create presentations. Nearly 60% of respondents indicated that they will use iPad for online meetings and to access critical business information
• Largest benefits: 90% indicated increased mobility to work remote, at home, or anywhere, 74% indicated improved productivity and satisfaction

Fleck reports, “It’s not too late to participate, the survey runs through May 31 and you will get a chance to win an iPad (regardless of your answers). Let us know your vote and comment below if you have other thoughts or opinions on the results so far. I will do a follow-up with all the details when all the results are in.”

Source: The Citrix Blog

[Attribution: AppleInsider. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Wingsy” for the heads up.]


  1. These self-selecting surveys should be taken with a lump of salt the size of Al Gore’s ego. But still, Microsoft and its hardware <strike>dupes</strike> partners should be quaking in their boots at numbers like these, and such surveys will feed the media narrative that Microsoft is a dinosaur — and that’s A Good Thing.

    @Wingsy, Thurrott is the dimmest of the blogosphere’s many dim bulbs, but even he should recognize that just like the iPhone, the iPad is a chameleon — it can and will become almost anything the user wants it to be, as more and more apps are created for it. No, it will never be a power-user’s tool, but power users are a tiny segment of the market, and Apple is content to sell Macs to that segment.

  2. Yes for those that have a Citrix farm this is a no brainer but at $300-400 per seat I doubt you will see many places just pony up that cost for personal liable iPads (or any device for that matter).

    If some needs email access there are cheaper methods to provide it.

  3. Again? “to access critical business information”

    Any computing device that comes out is to be used…. “to access critical business information”.

    Whether it was a PC, notebook, net book, pocket pc, smart phone, or now with the iPad.

    And now with the iPad that seems to come true.

  4. These numbers don’t really mean anything… they are not scientific at all… it means that 80% of people who volunteered to take a survey about the iPad are going to purchase the iPad. It would be like taking a poll of MacDailyNews readers to see how many of them are going to purchase a Mac as their next computer, and then saying: 95% of poll respondents are going to buy a Mac as their next computer!

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