Apple working add additional support for Microsoft’s Bing in iPhone OS 4

“Apple is working with Microsoft to broaden the iPhone’s search and related web services from their current primary dependance upon Google to include additional support for Bing,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“According to a report by TechCrunch, Apple’s next revision of the iPhone OS won’t drop Google for Bing entirely, but will expand the number of search options iPhone users see, and apparently make those options more visible,” Dilger reports.

“Apple already provides an option to use Yahoo for web search in Safari, although that option is not obvious and requires visiting system settings to make the switch,” Dilger reports. “A parallel report by Kara Swisher in the Wall Street Journal ‘All Things Digital’ blog indicates Microsoft has been asking that Bing search be added to the iPhone’s search options for some time, and also wants to make the choice more visible to users.”

Dilger reports, “Microsoft has also been in talks with Apple to get its mapping services integrated into the iPhone. Individual iPhone apps have already made use of Microsoft’s mapping services, but Apple’s own Maps app on the iPhone and iPad is hardwired to Google’s mapping services. Last fall, Apple purchased Placebase, a mapping service designed to overlay demographic, economic and environmental data on top of maps. It has since been speculated that Apple planned to use the acquisition to either build an alternative mapping service for iPhone Maps, or more likely, add additional layers of features on top of the current Maps data to differentiate the iPhone from Google’s own map app for Android.”

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  1. I still can’t stand M$. Their name choices even aggravate me.

    They’re contrived and obviously mashed together around a boardroom table with no one ballsy enough to say, “Hey, one syllable isn’t enough to make a product ‘edgy’ and ‘cool’.”

  2. Microsoft isn’t the threat it used to be. After all these years they still don’t know how to produce a decent User Interface. Poorly copying a 2 to 5 year old Apple UI just doesn’t cut it any more.

  3. Eff Google. I set my iPhone search to Yahoo two days ago. I’m doing my small part to prevent a draconian future where one company, masquerading as Santa Claus, tracks everyone’s web activity.

  4. I, too, changed all my search boxes to Yahoo! — the day of Google’s VP’s mischosen words. Competition will make all products better but I have no interest in supporting people (representing companies) who don’t think before they speak. What else might they be doing without thinking?!

  5. It’s tough to like M$, but the Mac space in general has been lacking in trip/route planning tools for a while now. I’d like to see M$ release a version of Streets and Trips for the Mac, in return for including Bing in the search options. I’ve used it on the SOs Windows machine and it is really pretty good.

    Don’t know if M$ is keeping Flight Simulator current, but wouldn’t mind seeing it in the Mac space either.

    Not everyone has iPhones and iPads and we’re not always connected to a network. Good free-standing applications are still needed, new cloud-based paradigm or not.

  6. If apple replaces their map services with one from bing “Microsoft” I will supported if that means sleeping with the enemy ….. I hate google for all they are trying to copy from apple …. Fcuk Google they have no sense of real innovation period everything they do is just a copy.
    P.S I would love to kick Eric & his 2 cronnies asses every time they put on that stupid smile.

  7. The Bing name is derived from Bingo Halls (real name unknown), a notorious alcoholic, gambler, womanizer and serial bigamist who lived in the Boston area around the close of the 19th century.
    A small group of people pushed for this name without explaining it’s origin and decided to keep schtumm when the name Bing was gaining momentum.
    Not many people know this…

  8. Microsoft is no longer the enemy, they’re inconsequential now that Apple has passed them in market cap. It’s clear Microsoft doesn’t have a clue on how to compete in a fair market.

    Bing maps look fine in my GPS app. The one by MotionX. I also switched over to Yahoo! search.

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