RUMOR: Apple TV 4 to run iPhone OS 4 on Apple A4 CPU, offer cloud storage, start at $99

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadEngadget has received a tip “which has been confirmed by a source very close to Apple” that “details the outlook for the next version of the Apple TV.”

Joshua Topolsky reports for Engadget, “According to our sources, this project has been in the works long before Google announced its TV solution, and it ties much more closely into Apple’s mobile offerings. The new architecture of the device will be based directly on the iPhone 4, meaning it will get the same internals, down to that A4 CPU and a limited amount of flash storage — 16GB to be exact — though it will be capable of full 1080p HD (!).”

Topolsky reports, “The device is said to be quite small with a scarce amount of ports (only the power socket and video out), and has been described to some as “an iPhone without a screen.” Are you ready for the real shocker? According to our sources, the price-point for the device will be $99.”

According to the report, the next-gen AppleTV will focus on cloud-based storage featuring instant-on 1080p along with an option to utilize a Time Capsule as an external storage component. Topolsjy warns not to expect the new Apple TV to arrive at WWDC, “but development on the product is most definitely full steam ahead.”

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  1. This is the device I have been mentioning and asking questions about, or sounds like it

    I have wanted an ATV device, for streaming from your iTune library, controlled by an iPad or iPhone

    My plan is to use something like that in a 36 room hotel I am building, all the rooms will come with an iPad, and I need a way to get iTune content to the HDTV wirelessly , and the existing ATV is over kill (storage) and to expensive

    Ps , its a condo hotel, I am selling the condo’s, then we will operate as a hotel, with decent ROI, still got about 1/2 left

  2. I’ve often said that Apple would have an amazing entertainment platform if they would release an SDK for AppleTV, and link it in to the AppStore environment.

    Imagine what game developers could do with a beefy video subsystem and all that pixel real estate! iPhones/iPod Touch, with touch screens and accelerometers could be amazing Wii-like controllers.

    Another AppStore boom for developers could be apon us, even as the iPhone & iPad booms are still going strong….

  3. Would that mean the AppleTV software could become an APP for iPad / iPhone as well?

    I would love to be able to watch one of my movies stored on the iMac G5 Media Server (stored in the basement) from my iPad in my bedroom, without having to get up to go sync what I want to watch to my iPad first.

    How cool would it be to have an AppleTV APP on your iPhone/iPad! You could take that to your friends/family members’ house, hook it up to their HDTV and watch/listen to any of your content … though a smallish iPhone sized AppleTV would be pretty easy to transport too.

  4. Apple’s first $99 OS X “device” with a A4 CPU. This is only the first of it’s kind with many more possibilities to come for use at home and on the job.

  5. Botvinnik: THANK YOU! THAT IS AWESOME! I had no idea that existed! That’s what I love about MDN! I throw an idea out there, and someone tells me how to get it done!

  6. No thanks. I’ll keep mine just the way I have it.

    Dollars to donuts the aTV 4 will be absent the mini PCIe slot.

    My aTV already does 1080p using Broadcom’s Crystal HD chip and plays every video codec known to man. It supports XBMC/Boxee and it has off-line storage and a USB hub that includes keyboard and mouse. All controlled from my Touch.

    I sure hope you all find what you need in aTV 4.

  7. Let me give you first impression: BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT! THANKS for playing!

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but are any of the announced Google products shipping? Release dates announced? Right.

    So logically, retard bloggers everywhere think Apple needs to mount a fast response to products that don’t exist yet by releasing no margin crap just to get on a bandwagon that’s gone nowhere for others and only been a modest success for Apple to date.

    Or they could just keep updating the software on their current sold-at-a-profit device. Apple’s call!

    Really, do we need another iPhone
    Nano or iPad Mini? Oh right. That stuff isn’t real either.

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