Microsoft’s products vs. Apple’s products: This is why Apple wins

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Microsoft has, for the first time, been beaten in market cap by Apple,” Dan Nosowitz.

MacDailyNews Note: Not true. The last time Apple had a higher market cap than Microsoft was December 19, 1989.

Nosowitz continues, “That Apple has, improbably and at long last, passed Microsoft in market value has everyone looking more closely at the two companies.”

“Rather than trying to examine the ever-changing facets of each business as a whole, let’s look at something more concrete — their products — as a measure of where the two tech giants stand right now,” Nosowitz writes. “Apple is startlingly narrow in their scope, at least in comparison. More focused on both hardware and the consumer (rather than enterprise) side of tech than Microsoft, Apple’s product lines are thus much easier to understand. You can take a glance at the homepages of the two companies to see the difference; Microsoft’s list of products runs to the dozens and includes several I’ve never heard of, while Apple has seven buttons corresponding to their products, all of which (MacBook, iPod, iMac, etc) are instantly distinctive and familiar. Despite a couple duds (I’m looking at you, Apple TV and Mac Mini [sic], Apple’s philosophy is both simple and focused on simplicity: ‘Get rid of the crappy stuff.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple TV has sold in excess of 8 million units (estimate) without any marketing to speak of. Apple TV is quite likely the best-selling device of its kind ever. Mac mini is not a “dud,” either. We have no idea why Nosowitz is calling those products “duds.”

Nosowitz opines, “Apple isn’t as big as Microsoft, and probably never will be. They don’t make or have as much money. But that the market has valued Apple higher is an affirmation that at the moment, Apple is leading the tech world.”

MacDailyNews Take: Nosowitz needs to do some research before scribbling. Debt-free Apple has more cash and short term investments on hand than Microsoft. Apple is within a billion of Microsoft’s revenue and will almost certainly make, not just “as much,” but much more money than Microsoft – and sooner, not later.

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  1. What’s taken so long for people to actually look at the differences between the two companies? I know, it’s been years of the public drinking the MS kool-aid.

  2. I’ve mentioned this accomplishment to many Microsoft fans this week. Most just stared off as if they didn’t comprehend. A few tried to explain it away.

    There really is a difference between customer demographics.

  3. Apple TV in its current state is a dud. And I do not know who in their right mind would buy a mini except for some with a very narrow application of a small form factor. i.e. in your trunk or under your seat or in your RV as a media server.

    Then again maybe I’m all wet. I’m sure the fan boys will let me know.

    MW: covered, as in this has all been covered before.

  4. Why do so many people, especially journalists, take such a half-ass good-enough approach to what they do?

    “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”
    – Steve Jobs

  5. Mac Mini a dud???? Tell that to my law office which hums along nicely running SL Server on a mini. Total initial cost $999 (hardware + software). Total support cost $0. Total licensing costs $0.

    Do people like Dan Nosowitz ever pull their heads out of their ass long enough to look around at reality?

  6. Am I the only one noticing that Apple is just about ready to extend computing beyond the desktop? Lawyers and education are huge markets where Apple can extend their presence. Not only has Apple exceeded Microsoft; this is just the beginning of that.

  7. The mini and Apple TV are only “duds” compared to the other Apple products. When you compare the sales to other similar products by other companies, Apple’s “duds” do as well (or better) than other companies’ successes.

  8. “Why do so many people, especially journalists, take such a half-ass good-enough approach to what they do?”

    Because they use the half-assed good-enough OS called Windows?

  9. Built into the market valuation is future revenue and profits. Therefore, the market is saying that Apple will likely have more revenue and profit than MS. Market cap is a forward looking number, not a historical number. This guy needs to take some econ classes.

  10. @chrissy
    So true. Yet that still falls into a very narrow application, no? I don’t know of anyone, in my small world, that uses one as their daily “sit in front of and work” machine. Apple has so many better options for that, yeah?

    And, I’ve read your comments here over time and know that you’re in your right mind so I guess I’ll just eat my words. Any suggestion for a good sauce?

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