A Verizon iPhone at WWDC?  Don’t bet on it

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“It’s that time of year again: The weather is getting warmer, Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is just around the corner, and rumors about the iPhone coming to Verizon are sprouting up,” David Goldman writes for CNNMoney.

“Don’t believe it, Verizon fans,” Goldman writes. “It’s unlikely that Steve Jobs will announce a Verizon tie-up when he gets on stage at the WWDC event on June 7.”

“The rumors have been swirling around for years because an Apple-Verizon partnership seems to make sense for both parties,” Goldman writes. “The top reason consumers who are in the market for an iPhone decide to pass is AT&T’s 3G network problems, which are notorious in New York and San Francisco, according to a CFI Group study. Meanwhile, Verizon has built up its reputation as the ‘most reliable network.’ Also, Verizon’s 93 million wireless customers would present a huge opportunity for Apple to grow its customer base.”

Goldman writes, “Yet there are some fundamental reasons why a deal isn’t imminent.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’d defend AT&T as having to deal with massive data demands that, frankly, Verizon with their inferior devices simply doesn’t face, but until AT&T turns on the iPhone tethering they starting saying was “coming soon” back in November 2008, screw ’em.

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