Lines form, customers camp overnight for Apple’s revolutionary iPad in Tokyo, Sydney, London, more

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Customers camped out overnight in cities around the world to buy Apple’s tablet computer,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Rahul Koduri, 22, has been sitting in front of an Apple Store in Sydney, Australia, since 2 a.m. Thursday,” Elmer-DeWitt reports. “In Tokyo, Takechiyo Yamanaka planted his folding camp chair outside Apple’s Ginza store on Wednesday.”

Elmer-DeWitt reports, “By Friday morning, 24 hours before the doors were schedule to open, queues had already formed in front of the company’s flagship store on Regent Street in London.”

Full article, with some photos, here.


  1. Don’t they know it is just a big iPod Touch? Can’t even make a call on it. Can’t multitask, no camera, no USB, no HDMI. And worst of all no friggin flash. I know these things because I have two of them. Had to get a second one because the wife kept hogging my original one. Typed this on my crippled iPad that I only use about 6 hours a day. Look out Exxon.

  2. Apple just might be able to announce 3 million iPads sold in time for the WWDC keynote by Steve Jobs. If Apple has produced 3 million iPads by the end of May, then they will have sold 3 million iPads by June 7th.

  3. Bought one of the first iPods off the assembly line and had a few problems with it freezing up playing downloaded videos. Took it back to the Apple Store, worked with a Genius for a few minutes, locked the device again . . . and I had a brand new one in my hands in seconds. No questions asked.

    Apple’s customer service is unparalleled and a major contributing reason (IMHO) for their success. May their tribe increase!

  4. @HughB: Whistle Phone is a FREE VOIP client that let’s you call land lines & mobile phones for FREE from your iPad throughout the USA. So it’s a myth the iPad is not a phone well. I’m successfully using Whistle Phone on both my iPhone and my iPad to make all sorts of calls for FREE all the time.

  5. @ acid There is no tax…..Ireland, the UK, Portugal etc are all in the EU. Buy it in one member state, bring it back to another without penalty. Irish networks are launching micro-SIMs tomorrow however, recognising that many people will buy one in the occupied northern part of the country at 0800.

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