Dubious NY Post report claims NBC, TimeWarner won’t re-encode video for Apple iPhone, iPad

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Adobe’s Flash video software has become a flashpoint in negotiations between Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Big Media,” Claire Atkinson reports for The NY Post.

“On a day when Apple execs probably cheered the fact the company had surpassed Microsoft as the world’s most valuable tech company, Jobs was grappling with resistance from Tinseltown over Apple’s ongoing fight with Adobe,” Atkinson reports. “Sources said several large media companies, including Time Warner and NBC Universal, told Apple they won’t retool their extensive video libraries to accommodate the iPad, arguing that such a reformatting would be expensive and not worth it because Flash dominates the Web.”

Atkinson reports, “Though the iPad has been a huge hit, media companies are feeling emboldened in their rebuffing of Apple by the launch of rival touch-screen tablet devices, such as the ones coming from Dell Computer and Hewlett-Packard, sources said.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, the New York Post needs to get better sources. NBC tried resisting Apple once before. Once. After being forced to crawl back to Apple, those ratings basement dwellers are not about to try it again.

Seriously, if NBC produced “Lost,” it would be a company documentary.

Resistance is futile. Adapt or die. There are simply too many of us iPhone OS users to ignore: 100+ million and increasing rapidly. This NY Post report isn’t worth diddly-squat. It’s a load of crap that was likely dropped by someone trying to talk down AAPL or by the lazy ingrates at Adobe or by some such loser; perhaps some guy who makes his living ripping people off with Flash classes? These “Big Media” people need to reach large audiences with disposable income. Therefore, they cannot ignore Apple. Period.

Disney is an equity partner of Hulu. Guess who Disney’s largest individual shareholder happens to be? Think he doesn’t have any influence? Guess again.

And, re-encoding isn’t as big of a deal as Atkinson’s sources imply. In fact it’s rather trivial to automate. If YouTube did it, anybody can.


  1. As paraphrased from Public Enemy:

    “Here’s a letter to the New York Post
    Ain’t worth the paper it’s printed on
    Founded in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton
    That is 209 years of continuous f**ked up news”

  2. I’m amused by the tech ignorance that spreads the idea that Flash is a special encoding format for the video and not, as is likely in most cases, a wrapper for video already encoded in a more common/ easily recoded format.

  3. Yes. Adobe gives us such wonderful freedom! They give us the choice of using Flash or using Flash!

    Meanwhile, those fascist bastards at Apple are working to dismantle Adobe’s ubiquitous web-content empire and offer an open, alternative choice to the closed monoculture of Flash.

    And by introducing choice to a previously choiceless system, that makes Apple the bad guy.

    Hey, Steve Jobs. I’ve got a question for you. Why are you DESTROYING LIBERTY!?

  4. His position seems to be that people will make their tablet computer decisions based on the ability to view NBC programming. Ummm…, right now there is only one choice and IT DOESN’T SUPPORT Flash. So they’re going to wait for the Zune of tablets? Low probability of occurrence. Zune-pads will be bought by the out of touch who can’t grasp the difference, just the demographic NBC wants.

  5. @Digital Freedom
    Come on now, admit it, you’re a 14 year old pimply faced nerd who loves his Dell, but can’t quite get a C- in Freshman English. Am I right? If not it should be embarrassing to be you, I mean what with the grammar and all …
    Or do you work at Adobe, which explains the crap that comes out of that company.

  6. Ever notice that drive-by’s like Digital Freedom never stick around to argue their positions?

    They throw it out there using boorishly asinine names and resurface anonymously to wince while they read the backlash, but are too chicken-shit to come in for a second helping.

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