Apple to unveil Safari extension support at WWDC in early June?

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Apple may be preparing to update Safari with extension support, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber hints,” MacNN reports.

“‘The other big thing that’s missing (compared to both Chrome and Firefox) is a proper extension API,’ says the writer. ‘If only Apple had an imminent developer conference where they could unveil such a thing,'” MacNN reports. “While such a statement would normally be considered speculation, Gruber often phrases inside information in an insinuating manner.”

MacNN reports, “Apple’s WWDC 2010 event is scheduled to start June 7th.”

Full article here.


  1. What´s about a all new version of Safari 5 including features from latest Webkit nightly builds + basic support for WebKit2.
    And the most important thing would be fullscreen support for HTML 5 videos in Safari for MacOS as well as in Safari for Windows 32/64.

  2. “Whatever Gruber says, I believe.”

    He didn’t say anything. It’s just a question. In fact, it sounds like he has absolutely nothing to go by, he was just stating that Safari is a friggin’ joke compared to Chrome.

  3. Extensions are useless like titts on a bull.
    If you want that crap, go use the FoxFire.

    What’s your next grand prediction… skins for Safari?

    Naw, Safari 5 will be a new kind of experience, only Apple approved sites, no flash, a new feature called JobsScript.

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