Wal-Mart to sell Apple’s 16GB 3GS iPhone for $97 starting Tuesday

“Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, plans to slash the price of Apple’s 16GB 3GS iPhone to $97 beginning Tuesday,” Chavon Sutton reports for CNNMoney.

“Apple is widely expected to unveil a brand-new iPhone next month, and could be working with retailers to clear out its remaining inventory of the about-to-be-outdated model,” Sutton reports. “At the new price, customers will save $100 on Apple’s smart phone, which currently sells for $199.”

MacDailyNews Note: Wal-Mart currently sells the 16GB iPhone 3GS for $197.

Sutton continues, “‘It is our commitment to always lead on price,’ Mehrdad Akbar, Wal-Mart’s senior category director for wireless, in a prepared statement about the price change. Apple sold 8.3 million iPhones last quarter, more than twice the amount sold during the same period a year ago.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Here we go!

[Attribution danfrakes via Twitter. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. And if that’s not an indicator of a 4G phone coming, I don’t know what is.
    Which makes the Sprint rumor slightly more plausible, since they’ve the only 4G network.

  2. I wonder who’s taking the bath — Walmart or Apple? I hope it’s not Apple; that would set a bad precedent. Perhaps it’s a headline-grabbing loss-leader strategy by Walmart? I can imagine it’s both for general publicity as well as sucking up to Apple so as to convince Apple to allow them to sell the iPad.

  3. There was a recent rumor that retailers weren’t receiving any more iPhone 3G’s, and MDN speculated that we might soon see the 3GS drop to $99 to take its place, once the 4G is released. So I guess we can interpret this Walmart deal as simply getting a jump on things, perhaps because Apple is running out of 3G models too far in advance of WWDC?

  4. Let me be the first MDN social elitist to comment:

    “is the toothless cashier going to be able to understand this price change?”

    And another:

    “…great, what will the trailer park wal-mart crowd do with 16GB? More truck driving, hunting and fishing simulators. That’s all we need…”

  5. Upgrade on the old 8GB 3G at the same price…if I wasn’t waiting for a new phone with at least 32GB, I’d be tempted (and if that was Verizon compatible I’d buy it for my mom-in-law in a heartbeat).

  6. Apparently lord Jobs ordered his Chinese workers to make too many of these obsolete models and now they have to be dumped on people who no idea what they are buying.

    In the meantime he’s holding back the stash of iPads to create the appearance of overwhelming demand for these gadgets.

    Got to get this strategy organized, Steve. Unless, that is, I’m missing something about your here-to-fore infallible skill and knowledge in manipulating the market. Which, of course, is entirely possible – I’m not as smart as you. Am I?

  7. I imagine it has a lot to do with getting the numbers up.
    Keep the iPhone users coming back for more, upgrading, giving old ones to kids for new ones…..just get the numbers up, because that is more money for developers, and more market cushion against Android.

    Smart move.

    Now a poll: Which way do haters of Wal-Mart shoppers lean, left or right?

  8. @ bjh

    4G does not stand for 4G wireless, LTE or WiMax. It is simply the 4th gen iPhone as Jim has pointed out. I also thought I read it here or somewhere that the next iPhone is actually going to be called iPhoneHD, saving the 4G moniker for when 4G wireless is fully actualized.

    Apple I am sure is taking the price reduction as all Apple products are price protected. Walmart or any retailer wouldn’t be able to advertise the iPhone at $97 or $99 without Apple’s consent.

    This could also be another reason why AT&T;moved up the upgrade dates for some of their customers hoping they would jump at the cheaper iPhone. $100 is still a lot of money and would motivate some to get the 16gig iPhone who don’t really need the new one or any of it’s features.

    I officially cannot wait until June 7th!

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