RUMOR: Apple’s next-gen iPhone coming to Sprint, claims Best Buy employee

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Today a Best Buy employee from Pennsylvania, emailed me, confirming the indeed Sprint was going to be the Next Carrier of the iPhone,” Henry D’Andrea reports for The Tech Update. “He also said they expect the shelf display within a week or two. “

The email reads, in part:

Hello, I was writing to comment on your article about the iPhone going to other carriers. I work in an electronics store that has a mobile phone store within it. I can confirm that Sprint will be carrying the iPhone beginning in June. They’ve begun to grease the wheels for advertising. There is no news in regards to a Verizon version however.

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  1. @cptnkirk – true, Sprint didn’t make fun of the iPhone like VZW’s ads. Plus, Sprint has kind of even “helped” the iPhone by including it in ads for their 4G hot-spot.

  2. Prediction–Apple will offer to any US carrier that agrees to their terms. Steve will announce this at WWDC. Initially: T-Mobile, then Sprint and Verizon in the coming months. iPhone 4 will be able to run on any system due to custom RF silicon.


  3. OMG! I want it! I need it! I gotta have it!

    I’m a lot more gullible when they actually talk about a carrier I use!

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  4. If true, it may be because Verizon still refuses to allow the iTunes Store on their network. They’re hanging on to the fantasy their Verizon Media Store can be a big deal, and do not want to accept the reality they of just being a dumb pipe. They want to be a big multi-media player.

  5. Yep. I trust Best Buy employees for all my electronics wisdom. I also drive a Yugo, which I bought on the advice of the dealership staff.

    OK. That aside, I will say one thing: Sprint does, in a funny way, make more sense than Verizon. Why? Because Verizon certainly give the impression that they are arrogant and difficult to deal with. I can’t picture them NOT completely blowing any negotiation with Apple. Sprint is looking at its impending doom, and I could see them saying: “We will give Apple ANYTHING they want to get the iPhone. ANYTHING.” And in an odd way, the fact that Sprint has been investing heavily in its infrastructure – but not getting a lot of new users – could mean that they have enough excess high-bandwidth capacity that they could accommodate a sudden influx of iPhone users.

    MDN word: money. As in, “It’s all about the Benjamins.”

  6. @_Bill_

    Actually, I believe Sprint was more making fun of ATT. It was promoting Sprint’s MiFi product so that you could use your iPhone to surf, etc. when you didn’t have ATT service.

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