Morgan Stanley raises Apple price target to $310 on strong iPhone, iPad sales

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“In a note to clients issued early Monday, Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty raised her Apple (AAPL) price target to $310 per share (from $275), suggesting that investors continue to underestimate 1) continued iPhone share gains, 2) better-than-expected iPad demand, 3) the growing Chinese market, and 4) increased penetration of the corporate market,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Huberty also raised her estimated 2011 iPhone sales to 61.5 million units, which she says is 25% higher than The Street’s consensus,” Elmer-DeWitt reports.

Full article, with information from the Morgan Stanley/Alphawise survey, here.


  1. AAPL is only 8 billion shy of MS market cap!

    8.5 if you’re being picky, but what’s a half a billion between friends.

    At sometime in the next 30 days, there will a chair salesman in Washington state who will make his target for the year.

  2. Visiting Kansas City on a “baseball and barbecue” trip. Going to stop at the Country Club Plaza Apple store and pay respects. Won’t buy anything but will pray at the iPad altar that Ms Huberty has her head, finally, out of her ass.

  3. This is the same analcyst who cited, “slowing global consumer demand” and lowered her estimate to 115 from 178, causing a 16 percent drop in Apple stock.

    Money lost? 18-Billion dollars! Yup, that’s a B.

    That was September 2008. Three months later she would take Apple below 100 dollars. As it turned out, she was the worst prognosticator in the quarter, of all the analcysts who follow Apple.

    She was the worst guesser! She was off by a mile in the number of iPhones and iPods and Mac sold, all of which have been well documented, and yet she still has a job?

    What’s changed? She’s probably copying someone else’s homework.

    Katy, when you were way off base before, no one should have listened, and now that you’ve swung all the way to the other side, on one should listen now.

    Go AAPL!

  4. The stock should get a nice pop from SJs keynote speak. It will be mostly iPhone / iPad and result in the release of the new iPhones and mobile OS. The other phone makers must be quaking in their boots.

    BTW analysts use their clients to pump up and drag down stocks. Not necessarily in their clients best interests.

  5. MSFT: Dated technology, barely (if at all) appreciating in value.

    AAPL: Innovative technology, marketing and sales (can you say Apple Store?) kicking butt all over the place.

    Investing: Go with growth (Apple) or stay with stagnation (Microsoft). The choice is simple. Can’t wait for AAPL to surpass MSFT- what a blow to Softie!

  6. Steve decided to open the conference for several reasons. To show off OS4.0 and “One More Thing” – iPad sales have passed 5 million and counting (at that time).

  7. All I can say is Up up up… I just laid down a large chunk of $$$ on AAPL last Friday. I’ve never invested in stocks before other than my 401k. I’m not a wealthy man by any stretch and have been saving that $$$ for years. Banks just don’t pay anything so bye bye CDs and hello stock. I am nervous as hell but I feel if any company can make me money it is Apple. I only wish I got in a lot earlier.

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