Elgato debuts EyeTV HD, delivers live TV to your Mac and iPad in full HD

Today, Elgato debuted the world’s only DVR solution which provides full access to premium cable or satellite TV content on a Mac – EyeTV HD. Customers can now watch record, edit and enjoy cable and satellite in high- definition, including all their premium channels. EyeTV HD includes a unique dual- format capture mode that records in iPad and iPhone formats at the same time, allowing users to stream live and recorded TV to an iPhone or iPad using the optional EyeTV app.

Easy Setup

EyeTV HD is a breeze to setup and use; simply connect EyeTV HD to the outputs of the cable or satellite receiver with the included component cables, and to the computer via USB. Then position the included infrared channel changer cable nearby. The EyeTV software setup assistant takes you through a simple configuration process and in just a few minutes you’ll be enjoying all your premium content like never before.

Unique dual-format capture mode

EyeTV HD also has a unique dual-format capture mode so that you can record in iPad and iPhone formats at the same time. EyeTV HD enables super-fast exports to iTunes from EyeTV. It is also possible to stream live TV, including high definition TV, to iPad or iPhone, using the optional EyeTV for iPhone/iPad app.

Superb quality digital TV recordings

EyeTV HD records in the pristine H.264 format for a crystal clear, high-definition digital picture. The H.264 format delivers beautiful image quality and a superb compression ratio, which produces smaller file size when compared to MPEG-2 recordings. H.264 can match the best possible MPEG-2 quality at up to half the data rate.

Capture HD and SD video from a camcorder or VCR
EyeTV HD can capture video from analog and digital sources such as a VCR or a camcorder. EyeTV HD includes component inputs for HD sources, as well as S-Video and composite inputs for standard definition sources. Simply connect the video source to your computer using the included breakout cable, then watch and even record the picture on your computer as an EyeTV recording.

Archive recordings

EyeTV HD also comes with Toast Basic disc-burning software so you can archive your favorite movies and TV shows and save space on your hard drive.

Award-winning software

EyeTV HD comes with EyeTV 3, the award-winning TV software for Mac. Watch, pause, and rewind live TV – at the desk or on the couch. Search the Program Guide using multiple criteria, and record one show or create Smart Series Guides to record the entire season of a TV series. Edit recordings, and share them with other Macs on the network. EyeTV can even export TV shows to iTunes automatically for playback on iPhone or iPad.
EyeTV 3 includes one year of free data from TV Guide, with optional renewal for only US$19.95 per year. An optional EyeTV app is available to stream live or recorded TV to an iPhone or iPad. Smart Series Guide functionality requires a TV Guide subscription.

System Requirements
– Macintosh: 2.26 GHz Intel Core(R) 2 Duo processor or better, Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later
– 2 GB RAM, built-in USB 2.0 port
– Cable or satellite receiver with analog video and audio outputs (component output required for HD)
– Internet connection required to download Program Guide data.

What’s In The Box:
– EyeTV HD recorder
– EyeTV 3 TV software for Mac (CD- ROM)
– Infrared remote control with battery pack
– EyeTV infrared channel changer
– USB cable (6 ft)
– Component video cable (6 ft)
– Stereo audio cables (6 ft)
– Breakout cable for composite and S- Video inputs
– PDF product manual (CD-ROM)
– Quick start guide


EyeTV HD is available from the Elgato Online Store and from the Apple Store at a price of US$199.95.

Source: Elgato

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


  1. Wait… Record premium channels?

    Is this the first product for the Mac that does this?
    Record cable or satellite any channels?

    I just might be able to retire the old ReplayTV.

  2. Yes you plug the component output from your sat or cable tuner into the ElGato HD box and it conveys the full HD signal to your Mac for recording with the included EyeTV 3.4 onto your Mac’s hard drive..

  3. Figure out a way to do this over ethernet and I’m sold…I’ve been looking for a way to stream HD video to other computers in the house, and have not been impressed with my Slingbox.

  4. Will be nice when set-top boxes are ‘networked’ and channel changes can be made remotely, rather than RF.

    Also, hope these don’t go the way of the EyeTV 500 too soon.

  5. I’m a ReplayTV hang on ad well. I have 3 units networked throuout the house. Would love to have a Mac replacement as ReplayTV has been discontinued. Also, would give me an excuse to buy more Macs.

  6. Methinks I see component video being disabled in Set top boxes very soon, and only HDMI for premium content allowed.

    Content providers are going to insist now that this is available.

    Not saying that I agree or that it is right…but I’m willing to bet this will become a priority now…

  7. @ TowerTone–

    I work at a state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz dealership.

    We have several TVs in our dealership, and our service is through Direct TV.

    The TVs are networked, and the remote controls are iPod Touches.

    The app that is used for this is called Crestron.

    We use Macs in my dealership too, but sadly, they are all running Windows under Bootcamp. OS X has been completely disabled.

  8. I have bought three different EyeTV modules. One died just after warranty and another had to be replaced. the other two (200/250) are running on two different Macs (G4/G5), and both exhibit the exact same behavior. Neither one is working right.

    … If only Elgato could get EyeTV *not* to eat all the CPU cycles during non-use necessitating quitting the app after each use.
    … if only their tech support didn’t simply pretend to misunderstand the problem time and time again … or blithely assert the the next $100 paid upgrade would solve that issue … or attempt to deny their hardware could possibly be faulty … just stop responding despite an open unresolved “ticket”.
    … if only they did these things, I’d consider their new products. Until then, the stuff I have already bought will be the last.

    Elgato: A great idea, poorly done. Why Apple didn’t buy out this company, roll it into the AppleTV and do it right, I just can’t fathom.

  9. Brau: I have an opposite experience with ElGato EyeTV. But I run 2 Hybrid USB 2 tuners hooked to QAM HD cable (previously off air) on a 2.8 GHz early 2008 eight core Mac Pro.

    Trying to run EyeTV on a G4 or G5 is really not practical. You have to run it on at least a recent Core 2 Duo Mac with 2.4 GHz or better speed. And you need to be running current EyeTV 3.4 software. Otherwise your experience will most certainly be no joy. On my Mac Pro it’s possible to successfully record 2 even 3 1080p HD shows at once if you have 3 recent Hybrid tuners hooked up to it. So I have no doubt this new EyeTV HD breakout box will work flawlessly on a robust Mac with plenty of hard drive space. Needs about 6-7 GB per hour of recording space.

  10. I can also testify that with EyeTV 3.4 (new today) installed, the web application for remote access works flawlessly on my iPhone, Touch and now also on my iPad which it did not do yesterday with the previous 3.3 version. http://live3g.EyeTV.com is now working perfectly as if it is a free version of the $4.99 EyeTV app on my iPad etc now.

  11. @TheConfuzed1’s “We use Macs in my dealership too, but sadly, they are all running Windows under Bootcamp.”

    Do you guys have Hyundai ROMs in your Mercedes, too.

    Sounds like a waste of money to have bought Macs to run Windows.
    Then you guys do sell status automobiles. I guess Macs on the desktops running Windows on their desktops makes sense for you guys.

    You can’t have “average, run-of-the-mill, average-joe” computers in a Mercedes dealership!

  12. TheConfuzed1

    If an EyeTV could be added to that mix, you would have a great way to record something, especially if the software could tune the channel!

  13. I seriously doubt your claims. Over the years I have owned or own Original Eye TV, 500, EZ, Hybrid, 250 plus and just ordered the HD model yesterday. In that time they have been used on iMac G3, PowerMac G5, Mac mini G4, Mac mini Intel Core 2 duo, iMac Core Duo, iMac Core 2 Duo and Mac Pro Xeon Quad Core models. Never had a problem with any of them hogging CPU & all but the very 1st USB model are still working just fine.

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