Can Apple make enough iPads?

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadPhilip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune,” Gene Munster’s team at Piper Jaffray called 50 Apple stores this week and found a ‘very limited’ supply of iPads”

• 37 (74%) of stores were completely sold out of all models
• All 50 (100%) were sold out of the 3G models
• 13 (26%) had only Wi-Fi models left to sell

Elmer-Dewitt reports, “With the international roll-out of the iPad scheduled to begin May 28 — a week from today — Munster believes that supply won’t catch up to demand until mid to late summer.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rick D.” for the heads up.]


  1. I have to imagine Apple isn’t shipping their entire production to the US when they have an international rollout scheduled. Also Apple very well knows that a constrained supply can lead to greater demand if one plays their cards right and doesn’t make the wait unbearable.

  2. Even with this stuck (dead) pixel and nagging wi-fi problem, I LOVE THE iPAD! Great device. Can’t wait to see (and buy) future iterations of this device (preferably one with more system RAM).

  3. OMG! We can’t keep up with demand! If we can’t, Wall Street will slam us!!! Uh, wait a minute. If we do meet demand, then Wall Street will slam us, because they’ll say demand for our product is soft. So, if we can’t keep up with demand, they’ll say we’re doomed. But if we do have enough iPads to sell to everyone, Wall Street will say we’re a failure because we didn’t sell enough.

    Now, excuse us for being a bit confused, but how exactly do we keep Wall Street happy?

  4. Jadis
    Why do you want more Ram? What can’t you do now? My experience is for many things my iPad is snappier than my 8 gig 7i iMac. Just asking

  5. Love my 32G Wifi, but come on folks… get real.

    The iPad is not really finished yet. The OS is buggy and inefficient. There are not enough HD apps yet… The software needs work.

    I am hoping the OS update in the Fall will be significant…

    The iPad needs some help. Not bad for v1. but still not quite ready for prime time. Really.

  6. It is usually very bad if a company cannot meet demand, because the potential customer will find and buy an alternative product from a competitor. For Apple, it’s not necessarily a good thing, but it’s not a lost sale either; it is a delayed sale. There is no current alternative to iPad, at least not one that is acceptable and desirable. Customers will wait, and most will understand that there is such strong demand because it is an exceptional product, and will therefore covet one even more.

    Apple seems to be able to pull this off this “move” over and over again, with various iPods, iPhones, and Mac models. It’s basically part of their overall strategy – to introduce new products that are very hard for the competition to copy and match.

    For iPad, there is an added benefit to a delay. If it takes until “late summer” for Apple to match demand with supply, a higher percentage of customers will be getting an iPad with iPhone OS 4.0 pre-installed. I think that will boost user satisfaction from those many first time Apple customers even higher.

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