Can Apple make enough iPads?

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadPhilip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune,” Gene Munster’s team at Piper Jaffray called 50 Apple stores this week and found a ‘very limited’ supply of iPads”

• 37 (74%) of stores were completely sold out of all models
• All 50 (100%) were sold out of the 3G models
• 13 (26%) had only Wi-Fi models left to sell

Elmer-Dewitt reports, “With the international roll-out of the iPad scheduled to begin May 28 — a week from today — Munster believes that supply won’t catch up to demand until mid to late summer.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rick D.” for the heads up.]


  1. Seems as though all the FUD campaign from bloggers that is stilll going on has done little to slow it down. Perhaps Thurott needs to step up the name calling of iPad buyers from “Tools” to something more harsh.

  2. Of course they can make enough. It’s just an oversized iPod touch after all, and is so horribly limited in what it can do. No one seriously wants one of these things!


    Isn’t it hilarious how the media went from “the iPad will be a huge flop” to “the success of the iPad threatens everything we hold dear” almost overnight?

    (My wife practically can’t put hers down. Best $500 I ever spent.)


  3. It took 10 days here in Seattle to get mine. I was on a waiting list for the 3G 32 GB. I got mine yesterday and am in love with it. Still need more iPad specific apps though…..

  4. How are must it be to be a tech expert, they put so much effort into correctly explaining why the iPad is a useless, overpriced, underpowered, closed toy doomed to fail. And then millions of educated morons buy iPads and rave how wonderful they are. Gotta feel sorry for the experts doomed to waste their brilliant minds in a world full of cretins.

  5. If all 50 (100%) were sold out of the iPad 3G, then it makes sense that any stores that had an iPad to sell would be offering only the Wi-Fi version. Any two of the statistics provided can be used to fill in the third.

  6. I love my job anyway, but I must say it’s a joy to use my big ass iMac at work all day long with its gorgeous multi-touch mouse.

    Then, when I get home, I can cozy up and use my iPad with its gorgeous finish and software that works so effortlessly.

    I can’t imagine working with any other tech. When I go to a Best Buy and play with the PCs they all just feel so cheap and the interface is so choppy and backwards. I’m a big fan of Apple stuff because it makes my life easier and more fun. If that’s being a fanboy, well, I guess I am.

  7. @Stephen:
    that’s only half the story:
    after the pundits declared the iPad useless and a failure and so on, they will start to explain very soon that Apple has a monopoly on tablet toys (that don’t sell) that must be destroyed because otherwise the iPads eat children.

  8. I’ve noticed the the Apple iPad case, standing up in ‘picture frame’ mode, fits perfectly in front of my iMac, covering the ‘chin’ up to the bottom edge of the screen. When I’m working on the big monitors, the iPad sits right below playing movies and TV.

    My living room is getting lonely. In fact, I haven’t turned on the old TV once since April 30.

  9. I gave my wife a 64GB Wifi model for her birthday in April. I’ve ended up using it so much more than her that she decided to give it back to me for my birthday last week. We share it alot, but I am more addicted than she is. How did I live without it up to this point?

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