You want an iPad? Good luck with that as heavy iPad demand soaks up supply

“Did Apple (AAPL) underestimate the iPad’s early popularity? It certainly seems that way,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

Amid reports that the device is now outselling the Mac, comes news that iPad supplies are becoming increasingly constrained as Apple prepares for its international launch,” Paczkowski reports.

“Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster checked in with 50 U.S. Apple retail stores and found the iPad to be sold out or in limited supply at many of them,” Paczkowski reports. ’74 percent of the stores we checked were completely sold out of all iPad models,’ Munster said in a note to clients. ’26 percent had some WiFi models in stock, and no stores had any 3G models available.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Get it? iPad “soaks up.” See, it’s called an “iPad” and… Oh, come on, lighten up! The actual funny thing is: You just don’t hear many making fun of the name the way they used to, do you?


  1. MDN: y’all are cards this morning; real jokers…. You should be shuffled and dealt with!

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  2. If iPads were readily available I would have bought an iPad twice already. A couple times I’ve turned in a big print order and pocketed some some really nice money and thought, “I’ll run on down to the Apple Store!”

    But then remember that they’re all sold out and that money gets spent on something else. I’ll surely buy one someday but I wonder how many sales Apple is missing out on with the shortage?

    (I do realize that you can pre-order but that’s the whole point. I’ll just wait until they’re available. Like a lot of people I assume)

  3. “Many more iPads are slated for production.”

    Not absolutely sure, but in February or so, I thought I read somewhere about Apple ordering 10 million of the 9 inch screens.

  4. That may be what they were thinking but the text reads that the “demand soaks up supply” of iPads.

    I had to listen to some idiot from the telling the world that the European protesters will not have the money or time to get Apple iPads, iPods, iPhones, or Macs. I hope it slows them down so the rational people can get theirs first. Those idiots can hold off till Apple can get restocked later this summer.

    Apple can’t make the iPad fast enough. THAT IS A GOOD THING FOR APPLE and Apple share holders. “Supply and demand”! Ever heard of it?

  5. Hey at least there is a supply even if it is low. When Apple came out with the first metal cased powerbook it was backordered for 3 months.

    Apple’s management of supply and demand is way better than before and this is with a higher volume number.

  6. I’d have to say this is somewhat misleading. On Tuesday we went to an Apple store and asked if they had any. They informed us they were sold out, as expected. At the same time, though, we reserved a 16GB wifi model. Of course, the next morning our iPad arrived and were delighfully surprised. So, while these stores are in a “state” of being sold out, this doesn’t mean that people are at the store picking up an iPad they reserved a day or two before.

  7. Get it? iPad “soaks up.” See, it’s called an “iPad” and… Oh, come on, lighten up! The actual funny thing is: You just don’t hear many making fun of the name the way they used to, do you?

    Well, at least your take is not the usual Bloodbath. iPads and bloodbath shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

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