Google snubs Adobe with non-Flash Pac-Man tribute that’s playable on iPhone, iPad

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Google dealt a snub to Adobe on Friday with a tribute to the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man,” Electronista reports.

“Despite sharing stage time with Adobe just this week, a playable version of Pac-Man on the page works with both the iPad and iPhone — revealing that it’s not using Flash,” Electronista reports. “Apple’s phones and other touchscreen devices instead use swipe gestures to steer the classic arcade game.”

Electronista reports, “Although it goes without a plugin, it still includes most features of the Namco original.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Google’s Pac-Mac tribute is on their index page here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. Like I said in a post just a little while ago about the new Google/Adobe “alliance”, welcome to the fire Adobe, I’m sure it’s going to be much better than the old frying pan you were in.

    Adobe, you’ve been Flashfried…

  2. What’s more concerning is that it’s Pacman’s 30th birthday. Talk about making you feel old! I can remember when it came out. To borrow a quote from Doc Brown: My god, has it been so long…

  3. Actually, Irish Dude, it’s looking more like this:

    Micros**t is the enemy
    Google is the enemy
    Adobe is the enemy
    Palm is the enemy
    Dell is the enemy
    Sony is the enemy
    HTC is the enemy
    Verizon is the enemy
    MSNBC is the enemy
    Nokia is the enemy
    Ryan Tate and Brent Arends are the enemy
    Dvorak is the enemy
    Bono is the enemy
    HP is the enemy
    Flash is the enemy

    The list is practically endless.
    Any person who looks at Apple wrong is now our enemy apparently, or least a pathetic fool. Any company NOT Apple is doomed to fail and any product NOT an Apple product is a steaming pile of bat guano.

    I’d just like to hear again how Micros**t is so horrible because it screws its allies and always thinks its right.

  4. @ Nobama – that’s called capitalism. Y’know, competition? What companies are supposed to do? All business partnerships involve a degree of guardedness, because today’s partners can become tomorrow’s competitors. Apple is hardly unique there.

  5. @Another Irish Dude
    YOU should look up Schizophrenia.

    Just to let you know –
    Despite the etymology of the term from the Greek roots skhizein “to split” and phrēn, phren- “mind”, schizophrenia does not imply a “split mind” and it is not the same as dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder or split personality), a condition with which it is often confused in public perception.

    @ Nobama
    Microsoft is still a competitor.
    Google is a competitor … seemingly floundering while lost at sea.
    Adobe is both feckless and uncaring competitor, to be one is bad, but to be both is scary.
    Palm was a competitor(see HP).
    Dell is a waste of time, space and motion.
    Sony is sadly irrelevant.
    HTC is a thief, as time will tell.
    Verizon is at present a bargaining chip but a future partner.
    MSNBC is owned by Microsoft 18% a competitor and NBC Universal 82% – therefore a competitor and a partner.
    Nokia is an incompetent competitor.
    Ryan Tate and Brent Arends are both pathetic fools or muppets –
    Dvorak is a narcissistic bloated bag of gas.
    Bono is not only sad git, but also a shocking investor.
    HP is a saucy condiment used for breakfast. As a OEM competitor they are irrelevant, as a future mobile OS provider, they may be astride a show pony … Time will tell if they can leverage PalmOS
    Flash is owned by Adobe and thus, lacks solicitude.

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