Tech bigwigs line up to evangelize Apple’s revolutionary iPad for business use

HOT Apple Computers + FREE Shipping“Talk to any technology head honcho and you’ll likely have them fawning over the Apple iPad somehow,” Larry Dignan reports for ZDNet. “It’s almost comical how these executives — schooled in the art of war and talking strategy — can turn into your every day gadget freak when talking about the iPad.”

“Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T’s wireless unit, said ‘I’m addicted to it’ when talking about the iPad,” Dignan reports. “And then there’s SAP chairman Hasso Plattner… SAP had a bunch of business intelligence demos on the iPad. Plattner walked us through a few big topics like in-memory databases and what went wrong with Business ByDesign, but he was like a little kid when he had his iPad… CEO Marc Benioff is another tech CEO that just can’t stop talking about the iPad. At’s VMforce powwow a few weeks ago many slides focused on the iPad as the future of computing.”

“If I were completely cynical, I’d say that all of these enterprise technology types were just trying to look fashionable. However, when you see these execs talk about the iPad there’s some serious gadget lust here,” Dignan reports. “These bigwigs may be the biggest ts for the iPad in the workplace.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Anyone watch the Monaco Grand Prix? Notice the BBC reporter hugging his iPad for dear life? they are now using it not just to watch the race while reporting it live, but also to keep up with emails & tweets which they then pass on to the experts to answer the questions live.

    I wonder what the competition has to say to this? we are making an iPad killer to oust the iPad?

  2. Here’s a real-time real-life reality lesson: many bigwigs are not that computer literate. They need good administrative assistants to function. Suddenly here’s the iPad and they can use it just fine. The sheer easy usability is revolutionary and they know it.

  3. Amazing that the writer still doesn’t understand why the iPad is now revolutionizing the tablet/portable computing world. These Windows PC centric guys are just so hung up with their old thinking.

  4. What was the number they predicted? Was it a million in the first year of sales? All the analysis forgot to put “CEO” before that magical number.

    watch out IT, they are not going to be happy when they hear that you complain about there iPad.

  5. @ Jubei,

    It’s like the first time a PC command line only user sees a Mac. He will ridicule closed box, the icons and the mouse until Microsoft tries to copy it.

    Give the guy 3 years, he’ll come around.

  6. @Big Al

    Hopefully come around and “buy” from Apple. Rather than come around and buy a pathetic copy of from Microsoft or some cloner, as what happened in the PC market. Pretty sad. Instead of that weakling Scully protecting Apples jewels, the competition now has to face the man himself. This time, the copy cats will not have it so easy.

  7. I watched the Monaco GP, but didn’t notice the BBC reporter hugging his iPad. I did see Tony Kanaan use an iPad as his cockpit monitor during qualifying at the Long Beach GP.

  8. The sea-change in IT culture is happening, and it’s coming from the top down. Apple gear will be supported, because the execs will insist on it.

    At that point, the camel’s nose will be in the tent and Apple will no longer be considered a pyriah by the “Microsoft Only” crowd in IT.

  9. it is the future of technology
    an ipad can replace 95% of desktops in offices
    just put it on a stand with a keyboard and fire all tech support personnel
    most office workers do basic things on the computer and the ipad can do them all plus any organization worth its salt can create web-based in-office apps for staff to do specialized things
    the revolution has started, get in line or go back to Windows XP and the ctrl-alt-del ranks

  10. I am in IT and have 3 iPads being tested for replacements to exam room computers. the funny thing about our IT dept, we are apple users. Most of the exec staff is totally anti-apple and hates any idea of using it for any reason. But anyways back to my point, the iPad is amazing I preach it everyday, but IT support wont go away, why you ask? USERS, sometimes it is not the pc that is the problem. Over half of issues in this place are Doctors doing something wrong and not the machine. the applications they run still encounter the same non-IT related/ training issues they do on the exam room PCs. The iPad just makes those issues more fun. I am not kidding, i have providers defending issues as application based instead of computer/iPad when before it was all about the PCs and how they sucked and wanted to go back to physical paper.

  11. I have to agree with @ploogman…

    I have helped about 60 people switch to Mac since BootCamp came out, and the majority of them can seriously screw something up, even a Mac, in a hurry.

    The best defense I have is the Genius bar, creating a backup of their hard drive, and getting them to agree to having a non-admin user account on their machine

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