RUMOR: Verizon Apple iPhone to launch with simultaneous voice and data

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“One of our Verizon guys hit us up with some pretty interesting news,” Boy Genius Report dishes.

“We have been told that when the mythical Verizon iPhone materializes, assuming it’s not a LTE unit, it might launch with VoRA; Voice over Rev. A,” BGR reports.

BGR reports, “According to our source, Verizon has been testing VoRA as a precursor to VoLTE…”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Islandgirl” for the heads up.]


  1. While it sounds good on the surface, shoving voice traffic down the data channel with all the other data, especially with Verizon’s slower data network, may not be such a good idea. Sounds like an ugly hack. We’ll see how well that actually works, if it actually happens.

  2. My friend’s dad’s sister’s cousin said that it would be a highspeed satellite, GSM, CDMA, LTE Verizon iPhone. I believe it! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. @Ronin

    The reason that people are still in denial is that it has been talked about so much and for so long that no one want to continue being let down when it doesn’t happen. Notice that the title of the article states “RUMOR.” A year ago, a mother of a Verizon employee stated that the Vz iPhone was going to be announced in June and was to be available in Sept – and it of course never saw the light of day.

    Until Steve is on stage and announces a Verizon iPhone, I won’t believe any rumors.

  4. You know what would be hilarious? Is a VZW phone debut with tethering. Free tethering would just be icing on the cake. How infuriating would that be to the already pissed of Americans over the ineptitude of AT&T;?

  5. Geez, give up already. No public release about Verizon getting iPhone! All rumors!

    Until steve makes the announcement, I’ll treat these rumors as Verizon trying to hamper all the iPhone renewals coming up in the next 2 months for AT&T;.

    Enough crud (rumor) already!

    Verizon has NOTHING!

  6. When you’re on 3G you can use data and voice simultaneously already so the headline doesn’t make any sense. It seems like the real story is that the voice call is carried on the data line. Why is that a good thing? Wouldn’t that crowd out data transmission?

    I know I can spend 15 minutes on google and wikipedia researching this but MDN isn’t a cell tech nerd site. It’s a general mac news site and I think technical details about cell data transmission should include some analysis so the rest of us understand the significance.

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