Gawker’s Ryan Tate and loser Brent Arends desperately try to vilify Steve Jobs

The new MacBook “Two pandering sensationalists are sinking to new lows in their bottom feeding efforts to vilify Steve Job: Ryan Tate of Gawker Media, the company that paid for stolen Apple merchandise [Gizmodo and the next-gen Apple iPhone], and Brett Arends of TheStreet, a fraud blog that regularly seeds misinformation to foment the market,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for RoughlyDrafted. “It’s not surprising that Arends spun a ridiculous story suggesting Steve Jobs made ‘the dumbest trade ever’ and subsequently lost around $10 billion. His job at the Street was to make up absurdly moronic tales, as is the job of everyone who’s ever worked there: Troy Wolverton, Scott Moritz, and so on. What’s really idiotic is that his bit of ignorant ‘reporting’ was picked up and widely syndicated, making him neck and neck with Tate for the Troll of the Day award.”

MacDailyNews Take: Not only that, but it’s simply a lazy regurgitation of a story (please see: How Apple CEO Steve Jobs traded away over $2.5 billion – March 05, 2007) that only weak-minded losers like Brett Arends would stoop to recycling. The more Apple’s share price increases the bigger the “loss” that sad little losers like Brett Arends can try and fail to peg on Steve Jobs. Never mind that Steve Jobs has “lost” more money in his couch cushions than loser hack like Brett Arends could make in ten of his pathetic wasted lifetimes.

Dilger continues, “Nobody repeating the story seemed to remember that Jobs didn’t “trade” anything. He was forced to distance himself from options tainted by a somewhat overblown backdating scandal. Rather than being some foolish gamble or excessively safe play that left billions on the table, the reality was that Jobs rather shrewdly responded to shareholder outrage by giving up the tainted options and instead granting himself new options that were worth considerably less. The fact that Apple’s stock greatly appreciated in value after that was not independent from the fact that shareholders have grown confident in Jobs’ ability to run the company. Had he insisted on keeping options mired in scandal, Apple might have been sidetracked by the issue and distracted enough to perform poorly, meaning there may never have been $13 billion of appreciation on the shares Jobs had an option to buy.”

“Trying not to be overshadowed, Tate spun the sob story of a disabled woman who ‘saved from her fixed income’ to buy an iPad, only to find that Apple Retail has a credit card policy for iPad sales. This was spun as Apple ‘refusing a poor disabled woman’s business,’ as if women are some special class of pitied humans who, along with the disabled, are unable to obtain credit cards,” Dilger writes. “The reality is that Apple has an limited inventory of iPads, and so has set up a two item maximum per person. If it allowed cash sales, it would be rather easy to get around that, wouldn’t it?”

MacDailyNews Take: Tate, not to be outdone in the regurgitation department by loser Brett Arends, recycled his story, too. Please see: Apple’s reported no cash stance on iPhone sales is legal in U.S. – October 29, 2007.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Ryan Tate and Brent Arends: a sleaze bag and a loser; nothing more, couldn’t be any less.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Well Jobs DID lose out on that opportunity. It’s only that they keep bringing it up that is the vile part.

    I used to regularly email Wolverton when he was at TheStreet when he would publish his skewed Apple articles usually right after earnings. I’d rip into him because his headlines were so ridiculous. He would tell me that the sensationalist headlines were written by the editors (‘There’s no shine on this Apple’ and crap like that) and that he had nothing to do with it.

  2. Why are there so many douche bags in the media like Tate and Arends? Obviously Tate is covering his ass for paying for stolen property and Arends is rehashing old news (what’s $10 billion to Jobs when he’ll make that up several times over?)

    Sour grapes, nothing more. Just the remnants of Apple naysayers. Too bad because in the end, Apple will thrive and everyone else will be scrambling to catch up – which won’t happen anyway.

  3. I think Dilger is over reaching with Tate. I do not see how his statement was meant to suggest that women are of some special class who along with the disabled cannot obtain a credit card. It was a descriptive statement meant to elicit an emotional response. Job done. I also do not see or agree with how not accepting cash hinders ones ability to obtain more than two iPad’s. I have more than one credit card, my wife, other’s in my family have credit cards. If wanted to buy more than two I could. Where
    there is a will there is a way. I think it sucks that not only are we to be told what we are allowed to download on it, but also how we pay for it.

  4. If only all investors knew the companies they invested in and had convictions, none of this bullshit would influence the driving down of Apples stock price before going into another stellar top industry earnings report. It’s intended solely to drive Apple’s share price down so that the hedge funds and institutional investors can make a quick killing by getting in for a quick certain gain. They know full well that there are idiot investors that have no clue or conviction that will bail out of fear and they also create selling trends by disposing of small lots of millions of shares that they own, backed up by negative sentiment and invented FUD….

    What’s amazing is that these same lame reporters, though proven wrong, time and again and that have been called out on their incompetence, still keep going at it with full confidence that the real idiots are the ones that heed their advice and follow their leeds. I guess they are right, judging by the huge gap between Apple’s current stock price and the record highs of a few weeks ago, when general consensus calls for $300+

  5. The Tate emails were just an amalgam of all the whining that’s been going on. But so what? Jobs lost his cool when he should just have let the whole thing go. By not doing so Jobs made himself look silly.

    But you wouldn’t expect Dan Dilger to realize that, of course. That guy’s a boil on the ass of the Mac community. He just confirms everyone’s worst prejudices about Mac users.

    Personally, I wish Jobs would turn his computers off and settle down with a cool drink, a good book, his family, whatever outside work hours. It’s hardly healthy for him to be sitting there hyped up firing off angry emails at people.

  6. I think it sucks that not only are we to be told what we are allowed to download on it, but also how we pay for it.

    Don’t like it don’t buy it, simple as that…microsoft would appreciate your business.

  7. @breeze

    “…though proven wrong, time and again and that have been called out on their incompetence, still keep going at it with full confidence…”

    That’s because their readership are intellectually challenged and Tate and Arends knows it. Their message isn’t meant for Apple consumers, its meant for those like frolicking simians and the other Ballmers of the world.

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