The Onion: New Google phone service whispers targeted ads directly into users’ ears (with video)

The Onion, America’s finest news source, reports on a new feature from the geniuses at Google that reduces Google phone users’ cell phone costs while providing them with unobtrusive, personalized ads delivered in a friendly whisper:

Direct link to video (non-Flash for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) via The Onion here.

[Attribution: 9 to 5 Mac. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “jax44” for the heads up.]


  1. @ ballonknot – no! really?

    The funny thing is it’s almost as believable as the myriad of blogs indicating that Apple are just about to release a new type of spaceship (can be substituted for any random object).

  2. This almost does not really look satirical, considering Google’s history of breaching privacy.

    However, to be fair, Facebook is the main candidate for that type of thing. Their main owner is registered cynical crook, which was trying to sell users’ private information from very beginning, since 2004.

  3. @MacBeliever, because you will never escape ads. They subsidize all of our media consumption. If they could scribble ads on the insides of your eyelids they would. If they could insert them into your dreams they would.

    MacDailyNews would be great without all the stupid ads surrounding the content, however then it probably wouldn’t exist. Or we’d each be paying $50 a month.

    MDN is one of the few I’d pay for what if you had to pay for every website, every individual tv program, movie, iPhone app, etc.

    Ads are annoying, intrusive, yes, but they pay the bills.

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