Air Display app promises to turn your iPad into an extra Mac monitor

Wish you had an(other) extra monitor for your Mac? There’s an app for that!

Or, at least, there will be soon.

Avatron Software has finished their beta cycle for iPad app “Air Display” and will submit it to Apple for App Store approval tomorrow.

Now the waiting begins.

More info here.

[Attribution: Geeky Gadgets. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


  1. Lance, this isn’t a replacement for a second monitor, for those who need one.

    It’s an alternative for those who could use the extra screen real estate, and already have an iPad anyway.

    I mean, if you have it already, why not?

  2. @Lance

    You seem to forget the iPad is useful for many reasons, not just one. So, if you own one or are going to buy one for whatever reason, this app will add extra functionality. I can think of a number of uses for it right off the top of my head. Just because an app won’t motivate you to buy an iPad in an of itself, doesn’t mean the app has no usefulness.

  3. @ Lance

    You’re so smart. I’m going to return my iPad today and get a cheap LCD display instead. You know, because I haven’t been using my iPad at all for any purpose and was just crossing my fingers all this time that an external display app would come out.

  4. What we really need is something that allows the iPad screen to be projected for viewing in a classroom or meeting, not just Keynotes and videos. Steve can do it; why can’t the rest of us?
    Come on developers, get to work. This is the single biggest stumbling block keeping iPads out of schools.

  5. @ Rob

    The ‘killer app’ for that would be to enable screen mirroring. Next OS upgrade? I sacrificed a freshman for it during the last new moon. (But the univ pres was ticked — seems I lost a “revenue stream.”)

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