Apple iPad increases iPad shipping to 7-10 days as demand remains robust

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadApple Store Online now lists iPad orders as shipping in 7-10 days, up from a previous range of 5-7 days.

Eric Savitz reports, “BMO Capital analyst Keith Bachman writes in a research note that the company does not appear to be having any supply chain issues. Indeed, he says supply has been increasing. Bachman says that store reps last week said that shipments to the retail outlets are being sold to customers on store waiting lists.”

Savitz reports, “Clearly, demand for the Apple iPad remains robust.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JMMX” for the heads up.]


  1. They are offering a free stylus and keyboard with every purchase. Surely sales could not be so high without these items, Bill Gate stated so!

    What a bunch of dinosaurs that once ruled the time of Microsoft.

  2. Managing the scarcity makes no sense. Having someone wait 14 days for a product doesn’t make someone want it more. Why wouldn’t you prefer to take their cash right then and hand them the iPad and have a guaranteed sale? Clearly demand is high. Apple doesn’t need to create some artificial shortage. It’s more important to get that iPad in the consumer’s hand, take their dough, and then start getting their cut from app sales.

  3. I ordered a 16gb 3G (my second iPad) on May 9th. It said that it shipped in 5-7 days. Got an email on the 16th that it shipped. FedEx has it arriving on the 20th. Can’t wait.

    They will probably have sold 2 million by the end of May.

  4. Went to Apple Store, couldn’t buy an iPad, sold out – 10 minutes

    Got put on waiting list. – 1 minute

    Drove home from the mall – 10 minutes

    iPad arrived at store and I received email notification – 1 minute after I got home.

    Went back to the store to enjoy all of that ipad goodness – 10 minutes.

    Seriously. Craziest thing ever.

  5. Apple is obviously trying to create sufficient inventory for the international launch, at the expense of U.S. customers having to wait a few days longer.

    I expect Apple will announce that two millions iPads have been sold, to add some more zing to international iPad launch day press release. By the end of the quarter, it will be more than 3 million. Apple will probably save that announcement for the next quarterly report in mid-July, unless it happens early June.

    There are no viable tablet alternatives to iPad, so there will not be any lost sales, just delayed sales.

  6. My guess is that we’re going to hear an update at the WWDC, and the numbers will be very strong.

    The iPad sucks on paper, but paper is dead.

    People are getting their hands on the iPad and they then really want to get one.

    Netbooks are over and done with.

    Nobody has anything close to the iPad ready for market yet. It’s not just the shape, the size, the battery life, it’s the entire ready-to-go ecosystem Apple has along with the kick ass OS and overall interface.

    Investors need to look at where the puck is going.

    Predicting Apple’s stock price because of iPad sales estimates is foolish. The iPad *is* a success and we can see where it’s headed 6 months, a year, etc… and what it will add to the bottom line for Apple. Investors need to predict and form estimates on Apple’s *next* big things…like the living room, and whatever it is Apple is going to do with that huge data center once it comes online.

  7. @ ken1w:

    Apple may well be siphoning some iPads off for the international launch at the end of the month, but it looks like iPad is an even bigger success than Apple believed it would be. So Apple has quite the balancing act to do: produce as many iPads as possible w/o dropping quality, and satisfy orders from around the world. Nice problem to have.

    I disagree with your units sold prediction: I don’t think Apple will announce units sold until it his 10 million, which should be Sept.-Oct. at this rate. The only thing holding Apple back is production time.

  8. Apple isn’t artificially holding back iPads to increase sales. They’re FLYING out the door! I don’t think Apple realized what kind of product the iPad was really going to be and just how popular it would be.

    The funny thing about the iPad is that EVERYONE I show mine to skeptically asks what do I do with it, what’s it for?

    After 5 minutes playing with it, they’re all sold. If not to buy, then they like it. I was playing with a friend’s 5 year old, showing her an astronomy app, animal pictures online, then did some painting with ArtStudio. When emailed her the results directly from the app, her folks were convinced!

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