Photos and video leaks of Apple’s next MacBook

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadVietnamese website Tinhte, the same place that got their hands on Apple’s next-gen iPhone, has done it again.

They’ve posted video and photos of Apple’s next MacBook online.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s quite leaky right now. Mr. Jobs can’t be too happy about this.


  1. Not made for USA – judging by the plug.
    2 USB ports – Still looks like no FireWire.
    What’s that port, third from the left? I’m still using an old Mac.

  2. “I bet all that noise in the background is Steve trying to make his way into the room”

    No, they filmed it during ‘Hammer Time’ to tell Steve “U Can’t Touch This”….

  3. You can’t BTO a MacBook with anything like those specs, and it’s pretty hard to “jimmie” a video.

    That said, it would be pretty easy to fake the packaging and screenshot, but there’s not really any further proof they could offer short of a complete teardown.

    Personally, even if it’s fake those are the specs they will probably update the MacBook with soon enough, since they are the specs of the MacBook Pro 13″ entry level model, and in the previous generation the specs were almost identical between the MacBook and entry-level MBP 13″ (except for the stuff the MBP has which the MB doesn’t, like firewire, SD reader, etc.)

  4. Apple should warn their hardware-producers they quit contracts if that doesn’t stop. In the long term, Apple should establish own construction facilities. My G4 was made in Ireland, so there were alternatives to China/Asia.

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