Apple patent application reveals powerful location-based service for iPhone

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Within the sixteen patent applications that were published by the US Patent & Trademark Office for Apple Inc. today, a single gem emerged,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“It’s a very powerful new concept for a location based application service that is one of the most ingenious ideas that have surfaced on this subject in some time,” Purcher reports. “The idea is simple. Deliver a location based service to information savvy iPhone users that wish to receive temporary retail and service-based applications. Imagine standing at the entrance of a restaurant and viewing their menu on your iPhone or entering a public library and being able to access their database. The minute you leave the library or the front of that restaurant, the app disappears so that you don’t clog up your iPhone with hundreds of local business apps.”

Purcher reports, “I don’t know if Apple will tackle this at their upcoming developer conference, but this is a phenomenal opportunity for hungry developers and/or Business Form companies looking for a new avenue for revenue. There are millions of non-geek business owners who are going to want in on this service so as to attract new tech savvy iPhone using clients.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple. Diluting Google’s power one drop at a time.


  1. I like the reservation timer – it if would work. That’s the point. We’ll have to see “there’s a LIVE app for that” commercial series to spark the idea to try it out. In theory, its good, but we have to see if the developers jump on board with good if not nifty apps to grab our atttention to want this. Apple, spend more time thinking about lowering prices. Is there an app for that?

  2. Or you could even stand outside your bank and watch the price of your home depreciate, or–or–or your cd interest rates get lower, or your stocks dive or–or–or–or–or….man this is gonna be COOL!!!!!

    “but it’s so much more convenient and easier to whip out your laptop and access google to get the same or even more information!”

    And just how is does this have anything to do with location-based awareness!!! huh!…….HUH!

    LBA MAN!!!—REAL TIME information you can only get if your in proximity to the location!!!

  3. I study a lot at the library and it would be convenient to check out other materials from where I’m working. Apple has got to get that for the iPad. Checking out books at the library on larger screen would be sweeeeet.

  4. Sounds a great idea though with a touch of scare factor too. This reminds me of the Minority Report scene where all the advertising hordings and shops were reacting to the character as he approached them and all the special offers or products related to his personal interests were presented to him. While that is ultimately a little bit of a nightmare scenario the idea of similar information being presented on the iPhone/iPad in a way controlled by the consumer is compelling.

    Certainly anyone who thinks that this isn’t considerably more advanced than whipping out a laptop (or indeed phone) and googling the information simply does not appreciate the potential of this patent. You always have to imagine how a patent has the potential to open and create a whole NEW approach rather than how it simply fiddles with the familiar way of doing things. The former seems to be the thing that marks Apple out from the rest, be they companies or forum contributors.

  5. “The minute you leave the library or the front of that restaurant, the app disappears so that you don’t clog up your iPhone with hundreds of local business apps.”

    This is BRILLIANT!

    And as long as this is a ‘buy in’ system where you can CHOOSE to receive the marketing stuff, it will SUCCEED.

    What would FAIL would be PUSHED marketing that you can’t stop, aka the Marketing Moron approach to selling where ad crap is shoved down your throat, FU very much.

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