New iPhone 4G leak reveals Apple ‘A4’ inside; same design, front-facing camera as ‘Gizmodo iPhone’

“Apple’s ARM-based A4 processor, the CPU that powers the iPad, will also power the next iPhone,” Tony Smith reports for Register Hardware.

“Some bright spark in Vietnam managed to get hold of a prototype of the upcoming handset and not only took snaps of the machine from all angles, but [disassembled the unit],” Smith reports. “The phone’s circuit board clearly shows an Apple be-logo’d chip marked with the model number 339S0084. As Engadget notes, that’s the same set of alphanumerics that appear on the iPad’s A4 processor.”

Direct link via YouTube here.

Smith reports, “The photos of the phone itself show a device almost identical to the one that got blog Gizmondo [sic] into so much trouble last month. It’s a less curvy model than the iPhone 3G/3GS and sports a front-facing camera for video chats.”

Full article, with photos, here.

MacDailyNews Take: So, it was Apple engineer Giang Phan’s birthday and, along with some friends, he hit the Special Belgian Beer Bar to celebrate. Well, one thing led to another and…

We can’t wait to see how Steve Jobs handles the “unveiling” of Apple’s next-gen iPhone.


  1. I hope that means the battery life will be like the iPad’s – as amazing as that device is, it’s battery life may be the most amazing thing about it!

  2. A4 = Speed and loooooooooong Battery life
    Front Camera = Portable Video Conferencing
    iPhone OS4= Multitasking and ssssssso much more

    …and one more thing :

  3. I’m disappointed. Either…
    1) Apple is getting lax in their ability to control the flow of information. What might that say about their quality?

    Or 2) Apple is behind the leaks and is manipulating/deceiving the press and public.

    Either way, I actually look forward to the buzz and speculation leading up to the reveal, but now that’s been ruined for me.

  4. “We can’t wait to see how Steve Jobs handles the “unveiling” of Apple’s next-gen iPhone.”

    Steve will bring iPhone production back to the US where he can maintain secrecy. Of course, all beer gardens will need to be nixed!

    – C2

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