NetworkWorld blogger won’t buy anything from Apple ‘because they are evil’

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“I can’t just simply stand around anymore and watch everyone drink the poison laced Kool-Aid. Come on people, I surely cannot be the only person to see the “Evilness” that now embodies Apple. While I have tried my hardest to stop everyone I know from joining the Apple cult, my desperate pleas often fall on deaf ears,” Tyson Kopczynski blogs for NetworkWorld.

“For years, I have heard Apple lovers lament that Microsoft is evil because of its size,” Kopczynski blogs. “So if size is an indication to how evil a company is, then surely Apple will be more evil once it passes Microsoft?”

Full article, a first-parter that we somehow missed awhile back despite it being packed full of Kopczynski’s wisdom, here.

Kopczynski continues in his newly-published part two, “I would like to point at that thanks to complaints by Adobe, it looks like the FTC will be looking into Apple’s licensing agreement with iPhone application developers. This just further proves the point I tried to make about how Apple already is a monopoly that acts very badly.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We told you the MCSE’s were going to lose their minds.


  1. It’s not M$’s size that bothers me, it’s their ineptitude

    and if apple were to act like the company you would like them to they too would be inept

    you sir are an idiot

  2. Yes, the radical IT people are already getting pitchforks and ropes in a fail attempt to save there lousy jobs.

    IT, just go hang yourself with the weight of your smug ignorance of security, absolute abandonment of the end user, and your incesant need to contol everyhing we do in the name of system security.

    Let freedom ring until your ears bleed!

  3. For years, I have heard Apple lovers lament that Microsoft is evil because of its size,

    Incorrect – Microsoft is evil because of its behavior. Their size merely enables their evil behavior to have a far more significant effect than if they were smaller.

    Not that he’s interested in logical argumentation…

  4. I wasn’t sure where to post this…

    I emailed a website that I like from a New York City TV station, “NY1.” I asked them to dump Flash (in favor of HTML5). Here was their response:

    [Fuzz 504] thanks for the e-mail. You’ll be glad to know that just last week we moved from Flash video to MP4 to accommodate our upcoming iPhone app. It should be hitting the App Store soon, although we have some more work to do before it’s iPad compatible.

    The next step will be to integrate an HTML5-compatible video player so anyone with an HTML5-capable browser will be able to watch our videos without requiring a Flash plugin. There’s no timetable for that yet, but it’s certainly on the horizon.

    Appreciate the feedback!

    NY1 Website

    Just wanted to let everybody know that some are finally getting it.

  5. Why do non-apple people think somehow they are privy to some sort of divine enlightenment and everyone who uses Apple products are just idiot morons who can’t see “the truth”?

    I’m really sick of these a-holes.

  6. I refused to click on the guy’s link because I didn’t want to reward his stupidity. I don’t consider Microsoft evil because it is big. (and it still owns about 90% on the traditional computer market) I consider microsoft evil because of how they amassed that market share, by consistantly stabbing partners in the back. Apple succeeds though innovation. Microsoft succeeded though stealing, lying, and locking out competition.

  7. Monopoly? I don’t think he understands the meaning of that word. Or he just doesn’t like it when others disagree with his own limited view of the world (or can do things without him, which defies his sense of control and superiority).

    Good luck with that life perspective.

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