Managing enterprise storage on your Apple iPhone or iPad? There’s an app for that

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadXiotech Corporation today announced that its just-launched ISEview application has become the first enterprise storage application available in the Apple iPhone App Store.

ISEview allows administrators to easily monitor multiple Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) storage blades and receive real-time performance data, component status and other system information. ISEview is available immediately for free download on the iPhone, and Xiotech expects to deliver an iPad-compatible version soon.

Xiotech developed ISEview using its recently introduced CorteX API, which is based on a RESTful architecture. CorteX allows Xiotech’s ISE technology to be easily accessed as a fully on-demand application resource, unlocking significant control and automation of storage allocation and management, among other attributes.

“We launched CorteX as a way to put the power of ISE directly into the hands of customers, partners and developers and let them quickly optimize it for their own environments,” said Brian Reagan, senior vice president of marketing and business development at Xiotech, in the press release. “From chargeback to automated provisioning and telemetry, CorteX streamlines storage management and unlocks tremendous storage value. ISEview is a perfect example of how CorteX can be used to make storage both extremely powerful, and extremely simple.”

For more information and forum discussion about ISEview, and to download and discuss other CorteX-enabled applications simplifying and automating data center processes, visit Xiotech’s CorteX Developer Community site here.

Xiotech’s ISE technology delivers the industry’s highest-performing and most reliable application-oriented data storage – ideal for server and desktop virtualization. ISE storage blades enable 100 percent usable storage capacity, while maintaining optimal performance as drives approach full utilization. Notably, due to efficiencies in ISE, Xiotech allows organizations to scale their storage infrastructures with unprecedented flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Source: Xiotech Corporation


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