RUMOR: Verizon’s branding firm working on iPhone HD advertising campaign

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“The rumor mill is churning about a company called Landor Associates ‘working on an advertising campaign’ for Verizon for the upcoming iPhone,” John Biggs reports for CrunchGear.

“Ladnor has been working on Verizon branding since 2007 and is, according to a tipster, now hard at work preparing for the iPhone HD launch,” Biggs reports.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. It’s the ‘buzz’ baby! People can’t help themselves from talking about cool news. Especially those creative, artsy types. No discipline. (describing myself, so please no flames).

  2. Landor Associates corporate headquarters are ironically in San Francisco. They have always been world reknowned for corporate identity and package design. Of course this is only another Verizon rumour at the moment, however if the rumour proves to be true the part of Landor Associates would not be surprising to me.

  3. I call BS on this rumor. It could be Verizon is just trying to keep existing user base from abandoning them by dropping hints like this.

    Why would Apple spend the resources to put the iPhone on a soon-to-be-phased-out network technology that is not capable of simultaneous voice/3G data?

    Instead, I think we’ll see additional frequency capability in the iPhone 4G model hardware to allow it to run on T-Mobile, etc.

  4. I’ll believe it when Steve says it. Until then, just rumors … but rumors I REALLY hope are true!

    My AT&T;contract is up on my iPhone, and the only way I’m upgrading is if I can move to Verizon. I live in an area that does not get AT&T;3G Service, so I’m paying extra for service I’m not getting. We do however have very good Verizon and Sprint 3G coverage, with Sprint 4G coverage rumored for this summer.

  5. Why would Apple tout in commercials that on the iPhone you can talk and surf at the same time…then turn around a few months later and put the iPhone on that crippled network they made fun of?

  6. The iPhone will still be able to talk and surf at the same time, people. You’ll just have to use an ATT iPhone to get that feature. It’s not like the ATT iPhone will disappear.

    Simultaneous talk/surf can be one of the distinguishing features that separates the two carriers as they battle in the iPhone war.

    AT&T;iPhone = surf and talk at the same time (whenever you can make and keep a connection).

    Verizon iPhone = actually make phone calls or browse the web whenever and wherever you want with reliable coverage on America’s best mobile network.

    Then we’ll choose which is most important to us. I’m betting Verizon wins.

  7. Once again — and I’m getting tired of this rollercoaster ride — I want the iPhone on Verizon even if limited in certain respects because I CAN’T GET ATnT RECEPTION AT ALL!!!!

    I’m going to need therapy before this contract expires . . .

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