‘Disruptive’ Apple forces rivals scrambling back to their drawing boards

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“While Apple consistently tops lists of the most innovative companies, it’s not because the company creates products that are entirely new,” Melissa Lee reports for CNBC.

“They didn’t invent the personal computer, digital music player, the smartphone, or the tablet,” Lee reports. “But they reinvented them and forced their competitors to rethink their strategies. ‘Apple will move if it feels it can enter and capture customers that formerly the incumbents haven’t been able to capture very well or monetize,’ said RBC Capital Markets’ Mike Abramsky. ‘Typically Apple tends to be disruptive because it’s products are powerful and also simple.’,

Lee reports, “It’s a trend that’s been going on for decades.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “James W.” and “Jim – TIV” for the heads up.]


  1. When the iPod first came out I thought, “Why the hell would I want to pay $500 for a walkman?”

    Shortly after that “Ah ha” moment hit me, and I knew that I had to have one.

    The reason why Apple is so successful is because they are like a drug, and the more you have it, the more you want.

    That “Ah ha” moment is very addictive!

  2. Yeah, so what’s your point Melissa?

    Very few things in life were original ideas; the guy who invented the wheel was pretty smart, but the guy who invented the other three was a frickin’ genius!

  3. They are the first to get it right.

    Pefect example is how HP has scuttled their plans for Windows on a tablet.

    Haha new interface paradigm, they didn’t see that coming even though it was right in front of them for over 2 years.

  4. @TheConfuzed1

    When the iPod came out I knew I wanted one, though the price was a little hard to swallow.

    Up until that time I carried a Sony discman, which ran through batteries like anything, was not easy to lug around (not to mention I had to pick the CD I wanted to listen to for the day else carry my entire collection)

    And I had hundred of mp3s in my hard drive i didn’t know what to do with… then Bam! iPod to the rescue.

  5. This was one of my favorite things ever, back in the day…


    Padmasree Warrior – Motorola Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

    January 10, 2007

    2. There is nothing revolutionary or disruptive about any of the technologies. Touch interface, movement sensors, accelerometer, morphing, gesture recognition, 2-megapixel camera, built in MP3 player, WiFi, Bluetooth, are already available in products from leaders in the mobile industry – Motorola, Nokia and Samsung. So, what appears to be the initial pricing at $499 and $599 with a minimum 2 year service agreement seems a stretch.”

    Read on for more of Paddy’s visionary prescience. It only gets funnier!!!

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