Steve Jobs has to be smiling: Scribd tells HTML5 switch story, blasts Adobe Flash in the process

Scribd has posed a cute cartoon strip that very nicely, and quite devastatingly for lazy ingrate Adobe, explains to their users why they dumped the closed and proprietary plug-in-based Flash for the open and plug-in free HTML5 standard:

Scribd’s full “Scribd in HTML5” page is here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple should link to Scribd’s page on their Apple Hot News and in their iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch pages.


  1. Nice… been surfing sans flash for about 2 weeks now. Never realized how universal this app was, and how much faster my web surfing experience is without it.

  2. Go to the site and go through the explanation! Here’s just one beauty…..(hint, hint, the joke is in the parentheses)……

    “All the major ones now support @font-face and Canvas/VML. In fact, 97% of browsers (including IE!) support web fonts.”

  3. Pockettrash,

    Steve Jobs is a multi-billionaire. He has more money that you, or I, or anybody not named Obama, Pelosi, or Reid can spend in a lifetime. (Those last three wouldn’t even blink and could do it in a split-second. Besides lying while smiling, they’re also very good at wasting other people’s money.)

    Steve Jobs has his priorities right (see his Stanford speech), so it’s very likely that he actually is smiling today despite the short-term vagaries of the markets.

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