What’s behind Apple’s buying spree?

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Apple’s purchase of personal assistant app developer, Siri, marks an intensification of the company’s battle with former ally, Google,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld. “Apple’s buying spree seems likely to intensify, too, as the company has hired a senior executive to lead its purchases.”

“Siri creates useful software which uses geo-location and the Internet to help users track down locally-placed entertainment and services,” Evans reports. “Don’t neglect Apple’s under-the-radar 2009 purchase of mapping company, Placebase, giving Apple a mapping solution that could become rival to Google Maps, capable of handling more layers of information than rivals Google, Microsoft or Yahoo can handle.”

Evans reports, “The purchase of music streaming service, LaLa.com and Quattro Wireless also illustrate Apple’s mobile vision… {and Quattro Wireless] has already been morphed to become Apple’s premium-priced mobile ad network, iAds.”

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  1. What’s behind Apple’s buying spree?

    So, the answer to that is innovation? What a pointless question to start off the article. Apple is innovating, that is what makes Apple, well, Apple.

  2. Ecosystem, baby, ecosystem. They can’t compete with Apple’s ecosystem.

    They keep TRYing to compete with Apple’s DEVICES (and can’t even do that), but their futility in competing with the totality of Apple’s vision is laughable.

    The best they can do is mimic (M$, Google, BB, Motorola, etc.) or cry foul (Adobe, Adobe, Adobe). Not a recipe for competitive success.

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  3. Simplify media which I’ve used since the beginning to stream my home music library to my iPhone, has pulled it’s product from the app store and the web-page says their moving on to new business and will inform of the details in three months (this was a few weeks ago). Anybody else think apple bought them and will use the new data center to cloud-store your iTunes library and make it available by streaming wherever you are? Does sound plausible.

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