ClamCase announces all-in-one keyboard, case and stand for Apple iPad (with video)

ClamCase has announced, naturally enough, the ClamCase, and all-in-one: keyboard, case and stand for Apple iPad:

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

MacDailyNews Take: AC/DC’s not going to be happy. [Update: May 8, 2010: As predicted, the video has been pulled and replaced with a new one with different music. We’ve changed the video and link to the new one above.]

Coming “fall 2010.” Price has not yet been set.

Bluetooth Keyboard
– The chiclet style Bluetooth keyboard offers a tactical feedback allowing you to compose and type quickly.
– Your iPad easily connects to ClamCases wireless Bluetooth keyboard
– ClamCase is iPad’s only physical hardware keyboard solution with a case. It features manual power on and off button with blue LED indicator light and automatic power save mode.
– Connection to other HID compatible Bluetooth devices such as Sony Playstation 3, Tivo and HTPC (home theater PC) to give you the ultimate wireless keyboard experience, says ClamCase.
– Bluetooth technology enables the iPad’s 30-pin dock connector to be free for charging, syncing and other hard wired functions.

360-degree Case
– The 360-degree torque hinges enable greater flexibility and fixed angles for featured modes of operation as the simple and sleek design of the ClamCase protects your iPad from dents and dings.
– Made of high quality ABS plastic to ensure long lasting protection.
– Shields against falls and breakage, dust and dirt.
– ClamCase closed position guards against accidental openings and falls.
– Smooth yet grippy rubberized exterior texture of the 360 degree hinge provides a more user-friendly hold for confident handling.

Positioning Stand
– Designed to enhance the iPad experience by providing a you-decide stand with an endless combination of positions to accommodate your desired tasks.
– Flip-back keyboard to expose the rubber hinge grip and enjoy your iPad in tablet mode.
– Watch movies at the perfect angle with the uniquely designed ClamCase stand which can position into an infinite number of viewing angles.
– Manipulate the iPad touch screen and use your favorite apps at just the right angle.
– The unique positioning of the ClamCase allows users the capability to display a digital picture frame slideshow in both portrait and landscape views.

For iPhone, too: The company says it is also working on a version of the ClamCase for iPhone, to take advantage of iPhone OS 4’s Bluetooth keyboard compatibility.

More information here. (ClamCase’s servers are currently overwhelmed.)

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  1. iPad, meet your Netbook go-to-meetin’ clothes. Or perhaps it is your clandestine spy clothes. Or your let’s-not-make-that-other-guy-too-jealous clothes. Or, for the old fuddy duddies, a way to transition from known laptop-like experience to iPad bliss.

  2. I do recall that old post about an Apple display with a slot in the side. Perhaps Apple will do that for iPad as well (I know, not original, it has been suggested before). Of course, I would love to see that amped up, and see who can come up with the best laptop-like enclosure for the iPad.

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