Analyst: AT&T iPhone deal extended through end of 2010 in exchange for low iPad data rates

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“AT&T and Apple probably have a quid pro quo in place that has extended the mobile carrier’s exclusive deal with the iPhone in exchange for heavily-discounted data plan pricing for the iPad, an analyst said [yesterday],” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld. “‘AT&T had to do something dramatic to get the iPad,’ said Brian Marshall, a Wall Street analyst at BroadPoint AmTech. AT&T’s move was to discount their normal wireless data plans by 50% to iPad customers.”

“As part of the tit-for-tat, AT&T got what it wanted. ‘For that pricing [on the iPad], AT&T was able to negotiate a six-month extension on the iPhone exclusive,’ Marshall said,” Keizer reports.

“Most analysts had expected the AT&T-Apple deal to expire this summer, three years after the two companies first partnered on the iPhone. At one time, Marshall was among those who figured that the expiration meant Verizon, the country’s largest mobile provider, would also sell the iPhone this year,” Keizer reports. “He’s changed his mind. Marshall now believes that Verizon won’t have the iPhone until the first quarter of 2011.”

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  1. I don’t get voice mail messages for hours or days later!

    I had that happen to me once when I was a T-mobile subscriber. I was very surprised one day to see that I had seven messages that were a week and a half old!


  2. Basically, until verizon can do voice and data at the same time we won’t see it on their network.

    In the mean time, AT&T;is investing tons of money into it’s network…….will it even matter if the iPhone goes to verizon?

  3. 4 failed dropped called today at 6am on the drive to work. Full bars or not. Chicago ATT better get there s@@t together I’m getting tired of this. Not to overloaded at 6 in the morning!

  4. How many things are wrong with this story? 1) We don’t know how long the Apple/AT&T;exclusive deal was; 2) The author predicted, with certainty, that the deal would end this Summer; 3) The deal didn’t end. The author could have admitted that he was wrong or he could have made up a reason why Apple changed it’s mind. He choose the latter course of action; 4) He said the deal was extended 6 months. He pulled that out of an orifice; and 5) He searched around until he latched onto something that he thought could justify the extension – in this case the low rates being charged to iPad owners for AT&T;connectivity. Ex Post Facto logic. Simply made up numbers. Pure unsubstantiated speculation. Some of the most distorted logic ever went into this story.

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