Apple co-founder Woz’s Silicon Valley Aftershocks Segway Polo team plots comeback (with video)

“Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and his teammates on the Silicon Valley Aftershocks Segway polo team are determined to avenge their loss of the Woz Challenge Cup when they meet their international rivals in Barbados next month,” MarketWatch reports.

Direct link to video via MarketWatch here.

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  1. It’s 100% incongruent, ilogical, and hypocritical for Mdn to preach fire and damnation against flash and then “support” via embedding.

    I’m for curtailing Illegal imigration but my housekeeper is undoccumented. But she uses an iPhone (mac related) so I get a “pass”.

  2. @ Bunsen

    “It’s 100% incongruent, ilogical, and hypocritical for Mdn to preach fire and damnation against flash and then “support” via embedding.”

    Hmm, I don’t see it that way. There are all kinds of ways to protest and fight the Flash Machine. One way might involve getting people mad enough to complain to the video feeds. Perhaps they even track how many people try to connect to flash, and then go for a different feed. Your complaints are better directed to the source of the video, not MDN, I think.

    Of course, I agree that MDN should be using other feeds. But perhaps there is a method in the madness. Or maybe you are right. But…I remain unconvinced. For now.

  3. If we want to show the video, we are forced to use the embeddable video format that external sites provide.

    When it is Flash video, we routinely ask our readers to request that those sites offer HTML5 video. We feel this is the best course of action at this time, as the other options would be to ignore the story or to not provide video to our readers who can see it (Mac users and Windows sufferers) while also not providing a method for our readers to request HTML5 video in tandem with, or, better yet, instead of, Adobe’s proprietary, closed, shitastic Flash.

    We get much more bang for the buck by embedding Flash video and asking readers to contact the offending video providers than by ignoring Flash videos and never asking readers to request HTML5.

    We, along with iPhone OS user numbers that are growing too large to ignore, will wear down Hulu and the rest, yet.

    As always, thank you for visiting and for asking these sites for HTML5 video.

  4. Imagine, real polo is played on the backs of horses. You have to control yourself and your huge animal, and hit a small ball with a very long stick, while sitting five feet above ground level.

  5. @Mac4lfe: “It’s good to be rich. I look forward to getting there one day.”

    Me too. However, Obama would look at that as someone who has made too much money… that they can play a rich mans game, polo, and forget horses, but play it using Segways no less! Overkill, as Obama’s Reverend White would say, “white man’s greed runs a world in need!” But as Obama would say, “Fire up the jets, it’s date night for me and the misses in New York City!

  6. Now I know what I wanna do if I strike it rich ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> Forget the yacht, Ima get me a Segway!

  7. @ Now, now…

    I got a call from a telemarketer today.

    They were selling health insurance.

    They started out with, “President Obama has just passed a health bill which will help you to better afford health insurance…”

    As I began to laugh, I asked, “Wow… Did you really just say that Obama is helping me toake health insurance affordable?”

    His response, “Yes sir.”

    My answer to that, “You just lost credibility. Have a nice day.”

    When will people ever learn not to mix politics or religion with business?

  8. @ mdn webmaster.

    I understand you are at a crossroads with delivering compelling mac related stories to the most eager geeks. “How do we share this story that is imbedded with flash and remain true to the cause of eradicating that noctious weed we call flash?”

    well . . . What kind of message are you sending when you consume and proliferate the very thing you are railing against? You have a point about wanting readers to request change from the varying news sources. But you are incongruent on this point. No one says you must share stories with my fellow geekdom that have imbedded flash. You do have a choice. Just because you can does not necessarily mean you should.

    To remain logical to the protest you are supporting, it’s not enough to decry mediocrity and then consume it. You must boycott also. This means sacrifice. Nothing good ever came without sacrifice.

    I’m just surprised no one else has picked up on your lack of principled decision making regarding the death of a bowl swirling tech while still consuming it and proliferating it at the same time.

    Again. I support stopping ILLEGAL immigration but I hire illegal help.

    It’s illogical.

    Sent From My iPhone

  9. Chastened Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak preps to beat Barbados Flyin’ Fish Segway polo team

    Steve Wozniak “Woz” and his team were grilled for lunch last time they met Barbados Flyin’ Fish in the 2009 Segway Polo final in Germany. Now they are coming to Barbados in June to seek revenge ’cause we’re hosting the 2010 Woz Cup Segway Polo championship.

    OK folks, here’s de Barbados Flyin’ Fish victory plan involving Woz, the Silicon Valley Aftershocks & free rum punch…

  10. Bunsen…. MDN are not illogical nor inconsistent. As a news site, can they just ignore a piece of news just because they don’t agree with the delivery method? Or ideas it represents? We readers would still like to get news on MDN even if it has flash. If your argument holds true and applies, news wont be news, even on TV or newspaper. At best, only bits of commentay and editorial.

    Without MDN’s effort in pointing out news with flash video and ask us to request for HTML 5, it educates us on what sites only has flash (some might want to know), and gives the readers the option in bringing change. What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with bringing news that some people who might care, and save them the trouble to go else where to dig for news, and having its own ideal at the same time?

    MDN’s foremost and primary goal is deliverying news to its readers. Killing flash is a byproduct of business development brought forth by Apple.

    If MDN’s only goal is to kill flash, your argument would hold.

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