NetAirus Technologies sues Apple, says entire iPhone concept infringes on its patent

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Apple is being sued for infringing on a patent held by California-based NetAirus Technologies,” Jim Dalrymple reports for The Loop.

“Filed in the Central District of California Western Division, NetAirus claims that Apple’s iPhone infringes ‘380 patent,” Dalrymple reports. “The patent issued on September 5, 2006 and held by NetAirus describes a ‘Wireless Handset Communication System.'”

“Unlike some patent lawsuits that claim part of a company’s product infringes on its patent, NetAirus seems to claim the entire iPhone concept is infringing on its patent,” Dalrymple reports. “NetAirus claims that the iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS all infringe on this patent.”

Dalrymple reports, “The lawsuit is asking the court to stop Apple from making the iPhone and cash damages.”

Full article, with NetAirus’ patent description, here.

MacDailyNews Take: If that patent isn’t deemed to be overly broad, it’s hard to imagine what patent would be.


  1. Magic word: concept

    Apple has done all the hard work and now these guys think they are going to cache in cause they watched a few Star Trek episodes and then patented the idea of the communicator. Unbelievable. The patent system is effed.

  2. I think some patent clerk somewhere needs to learn how to review prior art… I guess there were no Wireless Handset Communication Systems around PRIOR to 5 September 2006… or it took over 20 years to review all of the claims and the patent was still issued…

    Sounds like 8ull $hit to me…

    After reading the summary description – the suit will not fly. But who knows in todays crazy phuqued up legal world!

    Cheers from the land downunder!

  3. “Systems can be configured in a portable arrangement similar to conventional notebook computers, but can be quickly and easily disassembled and re-assembled for office desktop uses.”

    Aaaaaand how exactly does that come anywhere near an iPhone? Perhaps the iPad with the keyboard dock is a bit closer? Still doesn’t have that hinged keyboard though. Every POS flip phone made in the last decade is light years closer to this patent than the iPhone is. I’d call these guys morons, but they’re not good enough for that.

  4. I read through their patent application and what they describe could be applied to just about anything and some of the specifics don’t even apply.

    No case. Next.

  5. Yeah, I had a similar situation with Mother Nature.

    I had the idea for oxygen before she did and she went ahead and implemented her own version.

    I’m still waiting to see how successful her version of Air is and then I’m going to claim it and sue her.

  6. MacRumors reports that this appears to be a one-man shop that has attempted to sue multiple corporations over the years under different company names.

    This isn’t going to go far, and I’m surprised that this has caught this much attention.

  7. I’ve written several patents and am a named inventor on 15 patents and am the primary inventor on a couple. I am rather familiar with the basics of patent theory and the requirements that an invention be unobvious and novel to someone skilled in the art. I’ve looked at both 5,983,073 and 7,103,380.

    In my humble opinion, NetAirus was simply trying to patent the obvious concept of having both Bluetooth and WiFi in any portable device.

    I doubt they will win.

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