Apple Macintosh will become a viable game platform, and there’s nothing you can do about it

Apple Store“Macs will become an alternative and viable game platform… and there is nothing you can do about it,” Wolfgang Gruener writes for Tom’s Hardware.

“Boy, was there an outrage over Valve’s decision to port its popular games and offer its Steam distribution for the Mac. Since Steam is estimated to account for 70% of online game purchases, this is one major announcement. But if you think about it, such news was just a matter of when, not if. As much as you may be a PC game enthusiast, you will have to live with the fact that Macs are running more and more games,” Gruener writes. “But it does not take much to predict that Macs will never become enthusiast gaming machines. Valve and Apple are working on the bigger piece of the pie.”

“Slow down. Before leaving an angry comment without reading further, hear me out,” Gruener writes. “Valve’s announcement makes sense and is good news for the gaming community and I am sure that other distributors will follow soon.”

Full article, in which Gruener explains that Apple is after mass-market gaming, not after the enthusiast, here.


  1. <yawn> . . .
    Been playing games on my Macs for quite a few years, now. It’s nice to know there will soon be more choices, but I can really only concentrate on a few at a time – and I take my time with each of them. This won’t make a big ding in my budget.

  2. Macs have always been “viable” for gaming. Most game developers simply haven’t been interested in the Mac.

    Besides, with the huge PC market, one can make a shitty game (or any application) and still make a decent profit. On the Mac, it’s different. Make crap, word gets around and no one will buy it. on the flip side of that, if one makes a great game, they’ll do well.

  3. @theioniousMac

    Why do you think MDN and its faithful around here are in such denial about Steve’s declaration that Apple is now a mobile device company and – unsaid but clearly the plan – will soon quit making Macs?

  4. I don t give a rip about gaming on the Mac any more. I haven’t played anything on my Mac since Halo anyway. Gaming duties have been handled by the iPhone, and now quite gorgeously by the iPad.

  5. All of this Apple is giving up on the Mac talk is just stupid; how will you make iPad / iPhone apps w/o the Mac? How will you do any development at all? The only reason people even came-up with it is because they’re concentrating heavily on the iPad / iPhone at WWDC X. It is totally unfounded that Apple is phasing-out the Mac.

  6. I remember when the PC zealots used to deride the Mac platform as a toy and that “real work” got done on PC’s. Since that line of thinking has been thoroughly debunked, now they cling to the mantra that only PC’s have any good games available on them. Seems like PC’s are the ones that have become toys.

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