Apple CEO Steve Jobs named to TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential list (with cover photo)

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been named to TIME Magazine’s 2010 list of The World’s Most Influential People and is also featured on TIME’s extended cover.

The 2010 TIME 100 list is divided into the following categories:

• Leaders: Sarah Palin, Manmohan Singh and other global movers and shakers
• Heroes: The inspiring feats of an urban farmer, an air-traffic controller in Haiti and icons like Bill Clinton
• Artists: Lady Gaga, Conan O’Brien and others who make us dance, giggle and retweet
Thinkers: Steve Jobs plus scientists, statesmen and a Supreme Court Justice
• Social Networking: An in-depth look at who on our list holds the most influence in our interconnected world

TIME’s entry on Steve Jobs is written by artist Jeff Koons: Apple’s core ideal has always been to make people’s experience of computing as accessible and pleasurable as possible. As a young man, Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, decided to be the Beatles of computing. I once said that I make what the Beatles would have made if they made sculpture, and I can appreciate how Steve, 55, applies their ethos of optimism to his work. The tools he has given us, from the Macs at my studio to the iPhone in my pocket, are like clean, new windows, fitting between our selves and our work elegantly, naturally and unobtrusively.
It’s great to see Steve stay true to his vision. I can imagine some young artist saying today, “I make what Steve Jobs would make if he made sculpture.”

TIME’s full list is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. Those jeans and tennis shoes standing next to the two suits, that’s classic Steve, I love it!

    (Not wanting to make any remarks on her beliefs)
    The Governor who just quit and walked away (her right to do so) is named for her Leadership?!?!?

  2. Time has a policy of recognizing people whether you like them or not. This was evident at the end of the century when Hitler was named as a possibility for Person of the Century. Odd but if you think about it, it’s about the impact these people had on the world. I cannot agree more about Steve, of course in the most positive way. Look what he’s pulled off and what he continues to accomplish? Go Steve!

    Sarah also had an impact on the world. No Hitler, of course, but certainly not my cup of tea. If she ever manages to make her way into the White House, the only thing I can say about her is one thing –


    Sorry in advance for the crudeness, but she is one hot mama.

    But I digress. Steve deserves all the accolades he’s getting and then some. I only hope that the visionaries like Jonathan Ive and others will continue his vision if god forbid the unthinkable happens. He is truly the Einstein of Technology. If anyone in Redmond thinks they can beat that, they are completely delusional.

    From my iPad 3G

  3. Sarah Palin “Most Influential” Bwahahaha!

    With the tin foil hat crowd, I guess.

    No wonder print is dying.

    7 schools in 6 years to get a 4 year degree, runner up in Miss Alaska, and half term governor. “Most Influential”. That’s rich. Gotta hand it to Time, they are either seriously stupid or have a great sense of humor.

    “Drill baby Drill” ROFLMAO.

  4. No disrespect to either but, Sarah is on the cover for the same reason that Steve is –

    They both will sell (a bunch) of magazines.

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