The Steve Jobs Revolution leads us to a new economy

Apple Online Store“As investors reposition their portfolios in a post-recessionary economy, it’s important to understand that this economy is different. The primary growth driver is innovation,” Jason Schwarz writes for TheStreet.

“Those who claim that investors should prepare for a ‘new normal’ of below-average growth are missing the big picture. The U.S. is leading the most significant macroeconomic revolution since the Transportation Revolution occurred 100 years ago,” Schwarz writes. “Many refer to this new phenomenon as the ‘tech revolution,’ but I call it the ‘Steve Jobs Revolution.’This new economy will demolish the remaining walls of geographical inefficiency.”

Schwarz writes, “The old days of Google search are coming to an end. The old days of Microsoft’s operating system are just about over. This post-recessionary economy is building its foundation on the mobile Web. The era of standardized software and information is being replaced by software and information individually tailored to the user… And of course you’ve got Apple and the leader of the revolution, Mr. Steve Jobs.”

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  1. The accolades have been really rolling in for a couple years now! Slowly slivers of humanity are waking up …

    Today is iPad 3G launch day, the start of a thrilling mobile experience that will get exponentially better and better with time!

  2. Blimey! Apple’s star is in the ascendant, Fulham are in the Europa Final… I think he’ll just froze over ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  3. Did you read this line?:

    ‘This new economy will demolish the remaining walls of geographical inefficiency.”

    The “Web” is breaking down international “geographical” boundaries. A scary time for social conservatives.

  4. Of course you have an economy even if it isn’t based on making things, it IS most likely an unsustainable one mind unless perhaps it is based on the sort of creative and innovative base best exhibited by ARM and Apple. If you can design and sell things that are in some way prized, superior or simply desired then you don’t need to actually produce them yourself and the added value allows you to exhibit a very wealthy and growing economy with such companies. Unfortunately such companies are few and far between, while if one manufacturing country becomes so dominant that competitors or capacity elsewhere are all but extinguished then unfortunately your innovations will never come to market or if they do at too expensive a cost.

  5. @Botvinnik

    You forgot to highlight and quote “economy”. Big difference between that and actual physical “geographical” borders. And to prove my point, @Botvinnik, cross the border from the US into Mexico without documentation and see what happens! I can tell you. No rallies. No protests. Just you lamenting in some Mexican prison.

    The only real thing scary to freedom loving social conservatives is all the divisiveness, disunity and categorizing coming from a statist government! I mean you have them complaining about “papers please” from an Arizona law, when this bunch wanted to know who was speaking badly of the regime and to report them to the government via e-mail: . Stalin would be proud!

    Yep scary time, and you don’t have to be Social Conservative to be afraid. Be very afraid! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”big surprise” style=”border:0;” />

  6. If any of you really believe that all this is really “free” movement, then I have a sad wake up call for you. Do you think China is the only country that censors content and filters access to information? Of course smaller states like Iran do it as well, but it happens right here in the good old USA every minute of the day. Check your cheerios…

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