How to set up a new AT&T Cellular Data account on your Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadApple’s iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, arriving in the hot little hands of many thousands of users as you read this, allows users to sign up for a Cellular Data account directly on the device.

Follow these steps to set up your new Cellular Data account:

1. Tap Settings > Cellular Data > View Account

2. The Cellular Data Account management window loads. Enter information or select an option in the following sections and tap Next when you are finished
– User Information: Enter your first and last name and your phone number.
– Login Information: Enter an email address and a password. This creates an AT&T account, allowing you to log in to the account later to make changes or view your usage statistics.
– Recurring Domestic Plan Options: This allows you to choose the type of plan you want to use.
– Payment & Billing Information: Complete this section with the billing information you’d like to use to pay for your Cellular Data account.

3. The Terms of Service agreement loads. Take a minute to read this agreement. Tap Agree to continue.

4. The Payment Summary loads. This shows you a summary of the account and plan you have selected (Note: You can also add an International data plan on this screen by tapping Add International Data, or you can access your account later to manage your plan options. If you need to use your iPad internationally, you must sign up for the international data plan while in the United States.)

5. Tap Submit to complete the creation of your Cellular Data account. The Congratulations screen loads. This lets you know that your account has been created, and that AT&T is activating your iPad. Tap OK to finish and return to the Settings screen of your iPad Wi-Fi + 3G.

Your iPad will notify you when your Cellular Data connection has been activated.

Apple offers more info, with screenshots, here.


  1. Well, I was surprised at first reading you couldn’t use your normal ATT acct, but then it says ‘one will be created’ no matter what. Guess it works (same email) for multiple iPads?

  2. You don’t need any special connection to sign up, is what we all assume. Just like you can call 911 on a phone that’s not ‘on’, you can use 3G to activate your data account for use.

  3. I not sure how many iPad buyers will be affected overall, but everyone in my town, Bridgehampton, NY, certainly will. You see, we don’t get our mail delivered at home.  We all have PO boxes, and get our mail, including our credit card bills delivered to our boxes.

    When I tried to activate my shiny new iPad today, the ATT screen kept rejecting my credit card info, telling me to choose a card with a physical street address.  The irony?  My iPad was delivered to my street address by Fedex, and all my ATT charges for my iPhone have been going to my po box without issue for years.

    When I called customer service and asked them to solve the issue, no one, including the supervisor on duty could figure out what to do.  I recorded the call, and told I was doing so, and they said they understood my frustration and would alert upper management.  I mentioned that the fedex driver told me that he had delivered a lot of 3G ipads to this area today, so I know I am not alone.   

    I told them I’d be interested in seeing how quickly they could address the issue (no pun intended).

  4. We spend over $220 per month on our two iPhones and two other normal phones.

    This is getting ridiculous

    There needs to be a family plan for cell phone internet access.

    Oh and tethering too.

  5. Question for everyone and this is not Apple’s fault: How are you all finding the service on your 3g? Incredibly slow down here in the West Palm Beach,Fl area. No difference noticed compared to our iPhones . Disappointed.

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