Apple drops Mac category from annual Apple Design Awards

Apple Online Store“Third-party developers heaved a sigh of relief [yesterday] morning as Apple finally announced the dates for its 2010 Worldwide Developer Conference,” Dan Moren reports for Macworld.

“But that sigh was quickly followed by a raised eyebrow of curiosity as they noticed that Apple had dropped the Mac software category from its long-running Apple Design Awards,” Moren reports. “Instead, the awards will cover only iPhone and iPad applications available on the App Store.”

Moren reports, “While ADAs are handed out every year at WWDC, the list of categories change to take into account Apple’s latest technologies… But while iPhone and iPad apps are clearly the topic of the moment in 2010, it would also have been the first year for showing off apps that take advantage of features in the latest version of Mac OS X, Snow Leopard, which debuted last August.”

“The ADAs aren’t the only place that the Mac seems to have gotten short shrift,” Moren reports. “Apple’s dubbed WWDC 2010 ‘the center of the app universe’ and the list of sessions reference ‘how to harness the revolutionary technologies in iPhone OS.'”

Moren reports, “[However] Mac OS X isn’t wholly absent from the 2010 proceedings. There are several WWDC sessions that deal specifically with the Mac, such as ‘I/O Kit Device Drivers for Mac OS X,’ and ‘OpenGL for Mac OS X,’ and several of the other session descriptions put the Mac on even footing with the iPhone OS. And of course, since the Mac and iPhone operating systems share an underlying foundation, many of the sessions apply to both platforms.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Another Irish Dude” for the heads up.]


  1. I have said it before in a post, I think that 10.7 and mobile OS will be one in the same. (If not 10.7 then for sure 10.8.) I see apple moving toward a unified OS across all there devices/computers. As technology advances and Apple makes more of their own chips, I see a future where a single OS just make more sense. I will not believe that Apple would ever totally abandon desktop/laptop computing all together.

  2. The Mac is the foundation upon which my continued association with Apple is based. Remove the Mac and a large part of my loyalty to Apple is free to go elsewhere. The iDevices are great, but they are peripheral. Ultimately they are gadgets in comparison to the workhorse Mac. I will never be Thelonious-iPad.

  3. …”He was talking about what later became known as Mac Classic, which is now gone, not NeXT, er . . . OS X.”

    Actually, no. He meant, Macintosh, as in, traditional desktop computing (keyboard/mouse/windowing).

    The point is, Steve is setting Mac OS up to be put to death. Not the Macintosh line of computers, though. Desktop computing will embrace the multi-touch UI. Apple’s OS X will be consolidated to a single flavour. Developers will be forced yet again to port their apps to the new multi-touch OS (as they did from 68k to PPC, from OS9 to OS X; from PPC to Intel; from 32bit to 64bit). Mouse will be gone, and so will (for the most part) keyboard.

    There is no way Apple will give up the growing desktop market share. They will just convert it to multi-touch, keyboard-less, mouse-less computing, which will finally be the simple, easy and intuitive UI that the world has been hoping for over the last 30 years.

  4. It’s all about focus, that and striking while the iron is hot. Apple has a chance to become a major player– or THE major player–in the emerging mobile computing market. But it is highly competitive and they’re fighting another behemoth that is giving it (Android) away for free. Apple needs to take advantage of their first mover status. After iPhone OS 4 is out, for both iPhone and iPad,

  5. @Dallasm: Wow, overreacting a bit? Apple is pushing for the mobile space right now because we are right in the midst of the smartphone wars. Mac OS X is still being developed and there are plenty of Mac sessions at WWDC. The “Halo Effect” is in full swing, and is ramping up more and more now that the iPad is out. People are buying Macs in record numbers. Relax there, hoss. The Mac is not going anywhere.

  6. @artist

    The reference to “Knife the Mac” is to Microsoft’s Christopher Phillips who famously told QuickTime manager Peter Hoddie, “we want you to knife the baby.”

    Not political

  7. Apple Discontinues the Mac!
    The Mac is Dead
    Now Discontinued Macs Failed to Capture Enough Market Share
    Mac Goes The Way of Flash

    I’m sure there’s a coming headline there. Should I buy a new MBPro? Or not? Will it have three years of renewable life? Or will I be running SL on it for the next five years? As Apple boosts features and power on the iPad, the Mac may indeed go away… and sooner rather than later. A BIG mistake if they do that. But why give our Mac short shrift as SJ’s doing?

    It’s such an easy thing to give out an ADA award! Why stop that? Maybe it’s a printing error?


  8. All this speculation is silly. It was Steve Jobs himself – repeat SJ himself – who announced that Apple is now a mobile device company. NOT a computer company – a mobile device company! Can’t you hear. It’s not that big of a deal.

    Get over it. If you need to create something, you’ve got until your MacPro fries to get it done. Then, hello Mr. Ballmer, please try your best to make your shit stink less.

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