PTC watchdog group says Apple needs to do more to keep porn off iPhones

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Looking for porn? Get a Google phone, Steve Jobs said recently, defending Apple’s role as moral watchdog following complaints that a political satire app had been flagged as pornography,” Gene J. Koprowski reports for “But some say the iPhone is anything but PG, and they’re questioning how much effort Apple is investing in keeping itself clean.”

“The socially conservative Parents Television Council (PTC) thinks a wealth of salacious apps are currently available for iPhone users — things like ‘My Vibe,’ which converts the iPhone into a vibrator, and ‘Love Positions Free,’ which has drawings of couples having sex,” Koprowski reports. “The group has publicly demanded that Apple stop providing porn to children — and clean up its act.”

Koprowski reports, ” In recent weeks the PTC successfully lobbied Apple to remove some blatant pornography from the iTunes store, including an application called ‘Shawna Lenee Private Dance,’ which featured a porn movie star and former Penthouse vixen fondling herself… Gavin McKiernan, the PTC’s grassroots director, said Apple executives assured the group that the content on its App Store would be clean, and he hopes that any remaining pornographic applications or the many sexually-themed ‘wallpapers’ still available are “there by mistake, possibly. Apple needs to maintain its corporate social responsibility,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Oh, for fscks sake.

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  1. hey Phil Schiller, this is what happens when you publicly declare that “moms” guide your corporate vision. you’ve opened the door, i hope you brought your knitting needles.

  2. WTF! apple already has parental controls in place people, TURN THEM ON. corporate america isn’t your babysitter, take an active role in your childs tech life and stop dumbing down the internet for the rest of us.

  3. I’m fine with people putting on their devices whatever they want, but I think parents should be empowered to enforce decency standards that they are trying to teach their children. I wish there was a way to filter explicit material in safari.

  4. There is a very real challenge in raising children in today’s world, finding a good balance between not sheltering them too much while also keeping them from being exposed to stuff they’re not yet mature enough to handle responsibly.

    At the very least, parents should be able to have a way of setting their own standards and ground rules, without being undermined by the technology they choose to use.

    Unfortunately, it sounds like these PTC folks go way too far, and give the more moderate yet responsible parents a bad name.

  5. I think we’d better start watching these watchdog groups. The PTC is no different from the ACLU. They begin with a noble premise and then get taken over by completely crazy busybodies who manufacture crisis to justify their existence. A pox on them all.

  6. Well, that’s no big deal, these few apps with erotic content you only find if you really search for it. What tells a lot about the interests of the PTC guys ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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