PTC watchdog group says Apple needs to do more to keep porn off iPhones

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Looking for porn? Get a Google phone, Steve Jobs said recently, defending Apple’s role as moral watchdog following complaints that a political satire app had been flagged as pornography,” Gene J. Koprowski reports for “But some say the iPhone is anything but PG, and they’re questioning how much effort Apple is investing in keeping itself clean.”

“The socially conservative Parents Television Council (PTC) thinks a wealth of salacious apps are currently available for iPhone users — things like ‘My Vibe,’ which converts the iPhone into a vibrator, and ‘Love Positions Free,’ which has drawings of couples having sex,” Koprowski reports. “The group has publicly demanded that Apple stop providing porn to children — and clean up its act.”

Koprowski reports, ” In recent weeks the PTC successfully lobbied Apple to remove some blatant pornography from the iTunes store, including an application called ‘Shawna Lenee Private Dance,’ which featured a porn movie star and former Penthouse vixen fondling herself… Gavin McKiernan, the PTC’s grassroots director, said Apple executives assured the group that the content on its App Store would be clean, and he hopes that any remaining pornographic applications or the many sexually-themed ‘wallpapers’ still available are “there by mistake, possibly. Apple needs to maintain its corporate social responsibility,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Oh, for fscks sake.

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  1. I think the PTC has too much time on their hands. They should try having sex instead of trying to ban any mention of it everywhere. That would kill some time for them.

  2. Riiiight. Remove the apps that don’t even contain nudity when there’s a stock web browser available that can go to any full-on porn site. Genius.

  3. iPhone os could use better parental controls though. If apple wanted to they could also set up dns server to block porn for safari through the parental controls. Also ratings system could be implemented on the app store. No big deal

  4. Are these people crazy?

    Maybe they should request to keep porn off of all computers as well. No Safari, Firefox, IE, etc.

    Better yet, let’s not even have a world wide web. That way, nobody can get porn. U know what, forget it, let’s not have computers period. That should solve that……but wait, there’s magazines…we should remove that as well, and dvd players. get rid of that as well.

    I know, let’s live like Afghanstan. Back to the Flintstone age. No porn for sure.

  5. Only Faux News would broadcast such tripe. Our children would be better helped if Apple banned the Faux News Channel app(s) in order to prevent exposure to their poisonous, right wing propaganda.

  6. Did you know that there are rooms full of people at the PTC and other ‘watchdog’ organizations whose job it is to sit around all day watching porn? It’s true. They’re perverted so you don’t have to be.

    …which is kind of like claiming to be socially righteous by sending a gang of murderers out to kill people before anyone else gets the chance to.

    Way to go, puritans. You’re keeping us clean by getting all kinds of dirty.

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