Steve Jobs: Mac OS X 10.7 will not feature an iPhone-like App Store requiring app approvals

Apple Online Store“The greatest strength of Apple and its iPhone has always been the availability of nearly 200,000 apps in the iTunes App Store,” Skipper Eye reports for Redmond Pie. “No other phone manufacturer has so far been able to match the success that iPhone’s App Store has got. This amazing success of the App Store has led to people wondering if Apple would bring such a business model to its OS X platform as well.”

“There were rumors flying around that one of the highlights of the upcoming OS X 10.7 would be an iTunes like App Store for Mac, which would need Apple’s approval, and would be one conveniently place to find and buy softwares while Apple will take care of all the security,” Eye reports. “A Mac developer Fernando Valente wrote to CEO Steve Jobs for clarification in this regard.”

Eye reports, “As usual, Jobs reply was short; saying ‘Nope’ to all such rumors.”

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  1. Steve Jobs answered with one word. “Nope.”

    That was smart, because it could mean many things, because the original “rumor” was that Apple would control and approve all software that ran on Macs, with 10.7. That was clearly a stupid rumor. WIth iPhone and now iPad, there was no existing software sales and distribution infrastructure; Apple could and did define and control it. You can’t do the same thing with Mac OS X software, because you can’t undo years (decades) of history.

    However, that one-word answer could mean many things. It could mean that, “Nope, Apple will not control and approve what software will run on 10.7. Those security features exist in the current Mac OS X and will continue to be used as they are today.”

    But… That does NOT mean there could not be a Mac App Store in 10.7 or even sooner. It would simply be an alternate distribution channel for Mac OS X software. It would be a channel that would give small developers a great advantage over selling through “shareware.”

  2. Due to the nature of my work, as an engineer, I cannot use a platform that would require me to register all my code. I would have to, unwillingly, ditch Macs and start using Linux boxes.

    just my $0.02

  3. Was totally a hoax when I first heard it. I unfortunately entertained the possibility, and like many of you, the following thought resulted: “Well, I truly doubt this since Steve Jobs isn’t a moron, but if by some rare chance this does prove to be true, I will completely jump ship to one of many possible linux distributions.”

  4. what a stupid, stupid rumor. anyone who bothers to activate a braincell or two can figure out it would make no sense to lock down Mac OS X apps a la App Store. what Jobs meant to say but refrained from: “nope, and you’re an idiot.”

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