Steve Jobs: Mac OS X 10.7 will not feature an iPhone-like App Store requiring app approvals

Apple Online Store“The greatest strength of Apple and its iPhone has always been the availability of nearly 200,000 apps in the iTunes App Store,” Skipper Eye reports for Redmond Pie. “No other phone manufacturer has so far been able to match the success that iPhone’s App Store has got. This amazing success of the App Store has led to people wondering if Apple would bring such a business model to its OS X platform as well.”

“There were rumors flying around that one of the highlights of the upcoming OS X 10.7 would be an iTunes like App Store for Mac, which would need Apple’s approval, and would be one conveniently place to find and buy softwares while Apple will take care of all the security,” Eye reports. “A Mac developer Fernando Valente wrote to CEO Steve Jobs for clarification in this regard.”

Eye reports, “As usual, Jobs reply was short; saying ‘Nope’ to all such rumors.”

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  1. Jobs knows not to let things slide from one side to the other uncontrolled. There is likely a time in the not-so-distant future when the industry is ready, but not now. And the foundation as been laid…

    Instead, they could simply unify the installation process in the next OS.

    Appliances philosophy versus “an OS” albiet more traditional.

  2. Good. Small apps work nicely as download only, large Mac apps would be a nightmare. It would hurt a lot of stores that carry Apple products, some that stuck with Apple in the lean years. I would not want the Mac apps to have more freedom to produce products than the iPhone OS.

    I like the new iPad app, however it is buggy. Please continue to work on it. Good start.

  3. I’m comfortable with an optional app store for OS X someday. In fact, I think they’d be missing a huge opportunity not to.

    But when it comes to a desktop/laptop OS, you wouldn’t want to limit the platform that way.

    Plus, any company with a website can deliver its software via the Net. I’ve downloaded lots of apps that way, even large ones. In the end, digital distribution via a centralized app store is necessary for a mobile OS. Not so with OS X.

  4. Didn’t Lindows/Linspire already do something like this with their Click n Run library? I believe they controlled what was available for download. Seems pretty convenient, but then, VersionTracker provides a central location to find apps, just no approval process.

  5. The rest of Steve’s answer: ‘Nope, I’m getting out of the real computer business – Apple is a mobile device company now, it’s all about iPads all the time. Not sure if I will launch the 10.7 cat or not – like DVDs, non-glossy screens, books, etc., you really don’t need it anymore. Your life is under my control and you should be happy about that.’

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