No, Apple’s iPad is not banned at Princeton, Cornell, or George Washington universities

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadThere’s “a meme making its way around the web about how some universities are, for reasons never quite specified, banning iPads from their campuses,” Steve Wildstrom blogs.

The problem is that none of this is true,” Wildstrom reports. “At no time did Princeton ever ban iPads, though it has blocked misbehaving units from its network and warned students for a time that they were likely to have problems… [At Cornell] there is not and never has been a ban, and iPads are sold in the Cornell bookstore.”

Wildstrom reports, “At George Washington, iPad-toting students do have a real problem, though they are not faced with any sort of ban. “The University has not banned the iPad,” its web site declares. The difficulty is that the GW wireless network requires software–apparently a virtual private networking client, though the web site is not explicit–that does not exist for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. No software, no access. The university says it hopes to have iPad connectivity available this summer.”

Full article here.


  1. I have heard that iPads are only available in gang colors, so will be banned from high schools and colleges. And that it will make blaring noises when taken to a library, and spew bacteria when taken into a hospital.

  2. @Mark…

    It is also the source of the H1N1 epidemic:

    Hold 1, Need 1

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    Cheers from Downunder

  3. Ive set up Cisco IPsec on 1 ipad, multiple iPhones/ipods, and a few Macs (one system with RSA key and the other with a “secret password”).

    The IT people told me access needed “software” to get through the vpn. They were wrong (and almost always are).

  4. Cornell’s IT department is run by an ackward-bassed luddite who insists that Windows is more secure than Mac because there are more anti-virus options available for it. Utterly stupid.

    Cornell runs Lotus Notes. That’s so incredibly backward. IBM owns Notes, and even IBM won’t use it because it’s so suckful. So yes, you can run an iPad or a Mac, but certain things won’t work because you have to install Windows-only crapware to get their Neanderthal system to work.

    Don’t get me started on printing through a web interface with an Upload button.

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