Free FOX News app for Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad now available in Apple’s iTunes App Store

“While it may seem that every major media outlet has had an iPhone app available for some time, there are a few holdouts. Fox News Channel has been one,” David Kaplan reports fro paidContent. “Jeremy Steinberg, FNC’s VP for digital sales & business development, says the network didn’t feel there was a need to rush into the app space until advertisers were ready for more serious placements. In the meantime, FNC doesn’t plan to rely solely on ad revenues for its mobile offerings, as Steinberg says that the network is developing some paid apps for release later this year.”

“While FNC has tended to trounce CNN in many of the most important TV ratings categories, the CNN iPhone app has held the number one slot in paid news apps since it first went on sale last September for $1.99. Since the FNC app is free, the two won’t be directly competing. But FNC’s entry into the app market may allow it to build up some interest before unveiling a paid app later on,” Kaplan reports. “The FNC iPhone app does have a noteworthy sponsor in Sprint, which will be the exclusive advertiser for the next month and could try to capitalize on users’ frustration with the AT&T-powered connection for the Apple device. For now, there are no plans to release an app for Google’s Android, though Steinberg said one is likely.”

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FOX News Digital has released the first and only news application for your iPhone from the FOX News Channel. With the free FOX News app for Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad – receive FOX News Alerts, read headline news stories, stream live video, listen to FOX News Radio, browse through photo galleries, and watch the latest FNC clips on demand.

Flip your iPhone into landscape mode and view FOX News Desktop, a brand new way to browse content. Top stories and videos cycle through the app every few seconds (or you can swipe through yourself), and watch as the actual FOX News Channel ticker scrolls across the bottom of the screen.

Features include:
• Live Video: Stream live breaking news events from America’s Most Trusted Name in News, FOX News! Make sure to signup for breaking news alerts, and we’ll let you know when live events are available for streaming.
• Watch the Strategy Room, an exclusive live web program, every weekday for an entertaining discussion of the day’s top stories, plus a variety of hour-long shows on topics including business, health, technology, and entertainment.
• Alerts: Receive breaking FOX News alerts for stories and live video alerts to stay on top of the day’s most important headlines.
• Audio: Listen to FOX News Talk Radio – live, while navigating through the FOX News app. To turn on FOX News Talk Radio, simply select the ‘more’ button and follow instructions, or by turning your phone to access FOX News Desktop.
• Shows: View the latest videos from the #1 cable news shows and anchors on the FOX News Channel. See when your favorite show is on and find out the guests in advance.
• Share / Save: Articles, photos and videos can be shared with friends via Facebook or Twitter, and can be saved to Favorites for viewing later.

More info about the free FOX News app for Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

Source: FOX News Digital

[UPDATE: 10:01am EDT: Added paidContent excerpt and links to full article and CNN app via iTunes App Store.]

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  1. Great! Now I can get biased, poorly conceived and unamerican opinions backed by little more than fear and ignorance directly to my mobile device!! Woo!!!

  2. Excellent.

    Now I can carry all the lies, bullshit and right-wing, tea-bagger talking points (spell-check NOT included) in my pocket and parrot them at any opportunity!

    Ah, the joys of corporate backed Ignorance and Blithering Idiocy!

  3. Actually, I find blatant political propaganda posing as journalism a lot more obscene than a few uncovered boobs.

    Fox “News” would not stand a chance of getting a license in Europe, and that is not for its direction but for its lack of even the most basic journalistic standards.

    I know that Apple has to live within the legal framework of the USA as it is now (and unfortunately disregards most of the rest of the world), but the priorities resulting from that are sometimes outright disturbing.

  4. To all the frightened liberal types that troll here, let me save you some time:

    Fox News is a biased, fear mongering, non-news propoganda farse!

    There, now go stick your heads back into Nancy Peolsi’s butt and make believe you have the only view of the world that matters while calling yourselves “open minded”.

  5. Hey crazy lefties. You have Cnn, msnbc, CBS, abc and you dare to say Fox is not a news channel. At least when I watch fox I get news and not sob stories. Your left of center news sites don’t deliver the news. They call names and cry and run to the ACLU when they don’t always get their way. Stop complaining about Fox when you can’t produce a real news show if it was handed to you

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