CNBC Jim Goldman eats his words: ‘Chomp, chomp, chomp… I love, love, love my iPad’

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“I love my iPod touch,” Jim Goldman reports for CNBC. “To this day it’s my favorite consumer electronics gadget. All my media in a handheld device, tied to the iTunes and App Store eco-system, web access, and that gorgeous 3.5 inch, 380×420 screen. It’s perfect.”

“And then, last week, I got my hands on the big screen version of iPod, the iPad, a device that when it was unveiled was certainly nifty, but in my estimation, still searching for a market,” Goldman reports. I wrote the day after its release in January that the iPad was a case of ‘need versus want,’ and that it might be ‘more the latter than the former.’ I added that ‘I’ll certainly give it a shot, but it’s just not quite the no-brainer iPod and iPhone seemed to be.'”

Goldman reports, “Once again, Apple hasn’t invented something. But because Apple has ‘re-invented’ the tablet as we know it, the company has launched a revolution. Again. There will be tablets hence, and there certainly have been tablets past, but not until iPad has the marketplace truly seen the potential and possibilities of this platform and this technology.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Now, Jim just needs to wake up on the Kindle and he’ll be all set mea culpa-wise.


  1. At least he has the guts to admit that he was wrong. Unlike most of the pundits out there that will change their stance on something when the popular opinion changes, and not even acknowledge that they were wrong before.

  2. I wrote the day after its release in January that the iPad

    Hmm, he had it right a sentence earlier saying it was unveiled in January, but then followed up with it’s release being in January… Of course the iPad was not released until earlier this month, April.

  3. @ Nah – Until the iPad can run Firefox and all its anti-fascist extensions


    “Firefox and all its anti-fascist extensions”… ahahahahhaa

    Tell me, please, which extensions are more “anti-fascist” than others? Is there a “anti-fascist” score listed on AMO for each one? Is it a user-based vote kind of score, or is it assigned by someone? Please do tell.

  4. MDN
    I like the Goldman story embedded on top the MDN app. However, I hit the X to close the link and the text disappeared but the box would not close. Had to use the back button.

  5. I’ll repeat the story I told earlier.
    I brought my wife – a woman who proudly avoids watching commercials or keeping up with “the latest” – with me to the local Apple Store. I needed a camera-with-mic for my computer so I left her with the iPads while I shopped. She had sold herself while I shopped. It will allow he to surf, browse e-mail, and write her plays – or, at least, take notes – with only 1/3rd the weight of our MacBook.
    She was not caught up in “the hype”.

  6. @Gabriel

    The numbers are assigned by me. Firefox gets 8 out of 10.

    Safari gets 1.

    IE gets –10 cubed.

    Anti-fascist extensions: Adblock Plus, Adblock Plus Element Hiding Helper, Clear Private Data (contextual menu), Flagfox, Ghostery, Optimize Google, Sanitisminau, User Agent Switcher, Prefbar, NoScript, Flashblock, Flash Killer, BetterPrivacy. . . .

    Then there’s about:config/user.js.

    I fear, though, that Google will stop bankrolling Mozilla, because Chrome, like the big bad wolf, is all the better to track you with.

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