IGN’s specialist Nintendo reviewer goes to Apple to be ‘app store games manager’

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadCharles Arthur reports for The Guardian, “Matt Casamassina, of the IGN gaming site, is leaving it to join Apple: Beginning early May, I will join Apple as global editorial games manager, App Store. In a nutshell, I will be leading the charge for games on the App Store, so whether you browse through iTunes, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, the games content you see will be handpicked and organized by me and my team. I couldn’t be happier.

“Although he might need to brush up on the difference between ownership and being in charge: ‘Anybody who has read my work through the years will know that I’ve long been a huge Nintendo fan, but if there is one company that could entice me away from covering Mario and Zelda it’s the one owned by Steve Jobs.’ Errr, actually, Jobs runs the company. Shareholders own it,” Arthur reports. “But, you know, easy mistake.”

Arthur wonders, “What though does Apple want with him? “Global editorial games manager” is an interesting title, but is Apple really just wanting to have someone who chooses what the store should tout?”

Full article here.


  1. Take the gamers away from the PC and that’s a big chunk of MicroSloth’s business.

    The second tent pole is business that have company specific apps custom designed to run only on PC’s).

    The third is people with no money who just want to walk into Walmart and grab a PC for $300.

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