Infoworld’s life with the iPad: Apple’s mobile personal productivity device is enterprise-ready

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“It’s been two full days of travel with only an iPad, and I have almost stopped reaching for the mouse, remembering instead that I can merely touch the screen,” Fritz Nelson reports for InformationWeek. “Back in the office, I confess I have touched my MacBook Pro screen several times now. I still badly want to swipe between apps but almost instinctively hit the home button now, effectively leaving one program to start another, resigned to single tasking.”

“I yearn at times for a transparent file system; I sometimes call this device an iPadlock,” Nelson reports. “But through a series of powerful new iPad apps, and a few, simple, glued-together solutions, I can say that this flawed but stunning new device is a capable productivity tool for nearly anyone, either as an addition to a mobile office or as a stand-in replacement during a short business trip.”

Nelson reports, “What follows are my personal experiences, including some details on what I would consider enterprise-class professional productivity application. In some cases, I’ve included short video demonstrations of these applications. Each is available today, many of them are free (at least the client-side iPad application), and often they require some information from an IT department to function, I’ll focus first on the highs and lows of the iPad. Then, I’ll explain my application adventures in depth.”

Full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. “Work hard enough and you can make anything into a PC”
    So this explains exactly why PCs suck. You always gotta work way harder to do anything on a PC! Thanks for confirming our beliefs about your crapware Ballmer.

  2. Ballmer double quote,

    “Like I said, work hard enough and you can make anything into a PC.”

    Ballmer has Microsoft working diligently with dog turds. I can’t wait to see that PC.

  3. MDN<

    Since when is Information Week the same as Infoworld, as you called it in the title of your article?

    I do believe that they are different publications.

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